“A blatant power grab” – Fans criticise own clubs on UCL plans

Europe’s biggest clubs have been roundly criticised by their own supporters today over plans to expand the Champions League.

Clubs that sit on the European Club Association (ECA) board, the body behind the push for radical reform to European club competition, have been told their plans are a “serious threat to the entire game”.

Fan groups from the 14 clubs represented on the board sent a joint letter to the ECA demanding an end to the plans and called on footballing authorities to stop making concessions to the continent’s most powerful clubs.

“We are the fans of today,” the fan groups said. “And we do not want more European games.

“We want strong, competitive domestic leagues, an equal opportunity to qualify for Europe based on sporting merit, and fairer sharing of the game’s wealth.”

Full FSA statement here

Read the full letter to the ECA here

The Foxes Trust, along with over 200 European fans groups have previously signed a letter opposing the scheme. If the proposal gets the go ahead Leicester City could find themselves in a lower competition than their League place deserves losing it to a club based lower in the table who have a “history” of being in European competition.