Our aims

The Foxes Trust aims are:

Key aim:

  • To maintain a democratic, independent and not-for-profit organisation that represents the best interests of Foxes Trust members and by extension those of the supporters of Leicester City Football Club.

Short-term objectives:

  • To lobby, campaign and engage in regular, constructive dialogue with Leicester City Football Club, at executive level, and to publicise, when relevant, any resultant actions taken.
  • To hold Leicester City Football Club and its owners to account for the highest standards of business management, and operational and commercial decisions that directly affect Foxes Trust members and the wider supporter base.
  • To develop long-lasting relationships with members of the Leicester City Football Club supporting community.
  • To engage with national supporter organisations to lobby administrators and governors of the national game including, football leagues, government, local authorities and officials, regarding issues that affect supporters of all football clubs.

Medium-term objectives:

  • To enable a member of the Foxes Trust to be elected to any form of Leicester City Football Club shadow supporters’ Board, such as, a Fans’ Advisory Board.
  • To formalise the Foxes Trust’s relationship with Leicester City Football Club by instituting a Memorandum of Understanding.

Long-term objectives:

  • To enable a member of the Foxes Trust Board to be democratically elected to the Board of Leicester City Football Club and to enshrine such a post in the Club’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • At the earliest practical opportunity, achieve an ownership stake in Leicester City Football Club.

Updated January 2024 (approved at Trust Board Meeting 29th Jan 2024 and by Members at the AGM 25th March 2024