Foxes Trust Board

The Foxes Trust Board Members are:-

Ian Bason – Chairman  [email protected] tel 07712 398504

Matt Davis – Vice Chairman & Media  [email protected] tel 07702 851345

Alan Digby – Company Secretary  [email protected]

Di Statham – Treasurer  [email protected]

Sarah Hubbard – [email protected]

Steve Moulds – National Liaison [email protected]

Kate Thompson – Heritage [email protected]

Lynn Wyeth – FSA Women’s Game Network [email protected]

Graham Tracey – [email protected]

Co-opted Board Member

Cristian Bratu – [email protected]

The Trust formed the following Sub Groups in August 2023


Ian Bason (chair), Lynn Wyeth, Cristian Bratu, Stuart Dawkins


Matt Davis (chair), Dave Statham, Di Statham, Cristian Bratu, Sarah Hubbard


Steve Moulds (chair), Ian Bason, Alan Digby, Graham Tracey

LCFC Women

Lynn Wyeth (chair), Kate Thompson, Sarah Hubbard, Matt Davies

Non-Board Member Key Players

Dave Statham – Membership Secretary (any membership enquiries) [email protected]

Stuart Dawkins – Comms Sub Group

If you are interested in becoming a board member in the future please e-mail the Chairman with details of the kind of contribution (not financial) you would like to make. The Trust Board would welcome additions to the team running the Trust