Foxes Trust Board

The Foxes Trust Board Members are:-

Ian Bason – Chairman  [email protected] tel 07712 398504

Matt Davis – Vice Chairman & Media  [email protected] tel 07702 851345

Alan Digby – Company Secretary  [email protected]

Dave Statham – Membership Enquiries [email protected]

Di Statham – Treasurer  [email protected]
Stuart Dawkins – [email protected]

Sarah Hubbard – [email protected]

Steve Moulds – National Liaison [email protected]

Kate Thompson – Heritage [email protected]

Lynn Wyeth – FSA Women’s Game Network [email protected]

Graham Tracey – [email protected]

Co-opted Board Members

Cristian Bratu – [email protected]

If you are interested in becoming a board member in the future please e-mail the Chairman with details of the kind of contribution (not financial) you would like to make. The Trust Board would welcome additions to the team running the Trust