Foxes Trust ask for fan consultation of FA Cup Final tickets

With Leicester being in the FA Cup Semi-Final for the first time since 1982, fans are gutted that they will not be able to attend, although the vast majority fully understand the reasons why.

Ian Bason, Foxes Trust Chairman, explains: “Our focus has turned to the FA Cup Final where it has been reported that 20,000 fans of the competing clubs could attend.  Of course, we recognise that the finalists have not yet been decided, but we feel we have to speak up now as once again fans are not being consulted on significant issues and our passion for the game not being recognised.

We want a break with the traditional allocation of FA Cup final tickets to a multitude of different recipients, and for ALL tickets for the game evenly split between the fans of the two finalists.”

The Foxes Trust is asking for the backing of all fellow Premier League fans groups and also for the clubs involved to lobby the FA directly on ticket allocations.

The Foxes Trust is also asking for the authorities who are proposing the use of vaccine certificates for football events to enter into dialogue with the Football Supporters Association (FSA) now on the practicalities.

This consultation has failed to take place for the Carrabao cup final, which has been criticised by fans groups of the clubs involved in a joint statement Latest News from the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust – Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (

Bason said, “A far more effective implementation could be achieved by having discussions with the FSA, we have a range of issues to raise and these are best discussed pro-actively now, rather than hitting obstacles further down the line which would then be far more difficult to resolve.”

Ian Bason said: “Regarding the semi-final match, we understand the cautious approach being taken with attendees solely from the local Brent community.  However, we would request that the authorities and media companies stop constant references to 4,000 ‘fans’ attending the game.  With Leicester and Southampton supporters not permitted to attend, this will not be a match played in front of fans, simply one played in front of invited spectators.”

Press release issued to the local media April 12th