Who we are

Who We Are


Leicester City Supporters Trust

• Is a non-profit making Supporters Trust.
• Membership is open to all fans of Leicester City Football Club.
• Is totally independent of Leicester City Football Club.
• Is democratic. On a one member one vote basis.
• Roles are undertaken on a voluntary basis. Committee members are democratically elected.
• Believes the Directors and Chairman of Leicester City Football Club should act in the best interests of the community that the club serves.


Foxes Trust is NOT a Supporters Club. Foxes Trust and the Supporters Club will co-exist, with each having a distinct and important role to play. We are NOT a protest group but a positive force for change.

If you’d like to join the Trust click here.

Supporters Trusts:

• Have been set up at over 200 clubs (covering Football and Rugby League), with over 500,000 members in total. 42 Trusts now own their club of which 5 are in League 2 of the Football League. In the Premier League, Swansea have a 20% sharehoding
• Can have a REAL influence on the decision making process at a club.
• Enable fans to work together as part of a democratic organisation.
• Have strong links with the community that a football club serves.

Supporters Direct is an organisation that helps fans set-up and manage Supporters Trusts. You can find out more about them at www.supporters-direct.org.