Statement from Foxes Trust regarding the FA Cup Final 2021

The FA Cup Final 2021 will be played in front of 22,000 spectators. However, each club will only be allocated 6,250 tickets (12,500 total). The remaining 9,500 tickets will be distributed to residents in the Brent area of London, key workers and a normal distribution to FA affiliates, partners and sponsors. Foxes Trust is thoroughly disappointed at the allocations each club has received for the final.

Just 57% of tickets have been allocated to supporters. Foxes Trust and Chelsea Supporters’ Trust agree that this is unacceptable.

We call on the FA to make transparent exactly how tickets have been allocated, to whom and in what quantities. For some time now, the Football Supporters Association has been concerned about the level of ticket allocations to the competing teams in the final and this year indicates the status quo remains.

We understand that the cup final is part of the government’s Events Research Programme (ERP) and as such, certain Covid-19 precautions and restrictions must be in place, with the safety of those attending being paramount. However, we believe that the ERP presented an ideal opportunity to work with clubs and the FA to amend its usual distribution policy and allow clubs involved to have a larger allocation of tickets.

It is a further disappointment to the fans of our club that more supporters could not attend what is an historic occasion, having reached the final for the first time in 50 years.

There is no criticism implied of Leicester City Football Club, who have dealt with the ticket allocation at short notice and have mitigated some of the travel costs imposed on our supporters.

Only two weeks ago the FA commented: “the game is and always will be, for fans.” It is disappointing that more loyal supporters of Chelsea and Leicester City will not be able to attend its premier event.