Foxes Trust AGM with Wes & Walshie

Having been one of the last Trusts to hold a physical AGM meeting prior to the pandemic, the Foxes Trust recently held this year’s AGM via Zoom and while this unfortunately meant that a number of members who usually attend the meeting did not have access, it did provide the opportunity for many foxiled members to attend for the first time.

The evening commenced with the formal proceeds of approving the previous years AGM minutes, reviewing the annual accounts in some depth and announcing that Alan Digby, Stuart Dawkins and Steve Moulds who had all stood down by rotation had all been duly re-elected to the board.

Dave Statham reported on the exercise that the Trust board members carried out during the early stages of the pandemic, contacting all members to check they were ok. (Dave has since contacted all who attended the AGM to gain feedback for planning future AGM’s)

Steve gave a comprehensive overview of the national picture covering the last year in the following areas:

  • Broadcasting – ensuring all games were covered and the reversal of Pay Per View
  • Football governance reviews
  • European competition reform
  • Return of Fans – protocols
  • VAR – FSA Working Group
  • Combating social media abuse

During the year Steve was elected as one of three FSA Premier League Network representatives to the National Council. Steve is also a member of the VAR Working Group and is part of the group monitoring and advising the Network on European competition developments.

The second half of the evening featured a Q & A session with current City captain Wes Morgan who answered many members questions before City legend Steve Walsh joined in with Wes, providing an interesting comparison when answering the same questions looking at the game, contrasting the different eras in terms of both on the pitch experiences and off the pitch training regimes.

The Trust board would like to thank all members who attended and LCFC Communications Director. Anthony Herlihy for arranging our Q & A guests.