Oppos Viewpoint – Bournemouth

A bit about you:

Name: Tony Maycock

Current home town: Christchurch

Birthplace: Shoreham

How long have you supported your team? 41 years

Overview of your club:

Favourite thing about your home ground: Compact

Favourite match played by your team & why: Beating Bolton to get promoted to the PL, pure outpouring of emotion, the dreams and far fetched fantasies of friends being realised

Favourite player of all time who played for your club: Steve Fletcher

About our forthcoming match against you:

Your favourite current player in your squad and why? Joshua King, quietly goes about his business, but puts such a shift in. Our leading PL goalscorer

Player in your squad we should most fear and why? Calum Wilson, his pace has given your CB's nightmares for seasons

Player in our squad you most fear and why? Jamie Vardy, same reason as above

Up and coming prospect in your squad? Gavin Kilkenny

Where do you think you’ll finish this season? Mid table will be good, injuries permitting

How do you think you’ll do against us? Historically, we've done reasonably well against you. The last game at King Power saw you get your first win against us in the PL. I think it will be a draw, but unless our strikers start firing, then I think Leicester are the more likely to win.

General Questions:

What do you think of the transfer activity both in and out of your club this summer?

Outstanding, the money we got for Tyrone Kings and Lys Moussett enabled us to have a bit more freedom to spend. We've yet to see 3 of our signings play, but Harry Wilson, on loan from Liverpool, has settled in well, and has scored twice.

Which three teams do you think will go down? Norwich, Sheffield Utd, Newcastle

Who do you think will win the league? Manchester City

What are your thoughts on the introduction of VAR this season? It's going to take some settling in, and more importantly, it's going to take quite a while for fans to get used to it. It will take some tweaking, but if the PL stick to their stated aims, I think it will be a good addition. It won't take away debate, it will an extra level of anticipation, and hopefully it will remove some of the big club bias.

Any other comments? Hopefully it will be a free flowing game, lacking in controversial incidents. King Power is a lively ground to visit, and it was quite a sombre one last season, but this has a feel as a regular PL fixture now – something we never thought we'd write….. Good luck for your season, I don't see any problems for you.

Tony Maycock is Chairman of the Cherries Trust, you can read their latest news here