View from the Opposition – Wolves

A bit about you:

Name: Dom

Current home town: Wolverhampton

Birthplace: Wolverhampton

How long have you supported your team? My whole life!

Overview of your club:

Favourite thing about your home ground: The Atmosphere in the South Bank (Stan Cullis) & the fact it’s a proper stadium still in the heart of town.

Favourite match played by your team & why: Wolves v QPR 18th of April 2009, Ebanks Blake scored just around half time to give us the goal that sent us up to the premier league. I remember invading the pitch with my Brother and Dad, great memories.

Favourite player of all time who played for your club: You see I never saw any of the old legends who played for us like Bully and Don Goodman. So for me I would say my favorite was Kevin Foley as he was as consistent as you could get at RB, met him on the train on the way to Birmingham once and he seemed like a great bloke.

About our forthcoming match against you:

Your favourite current player in your squad and why? Diogo Jota, never afraid to try and beat a man, and as he showed against Crusaders in our Europa League qualifier against Crusaders he can strike a ball! He has really started to get an eye for goal, and I can see him terrorising defences this year.

Player in your squad we should most fear and why? Same as above.

Player in our squad you most fear and why? Jamie Vardy – For the obvious reasons, I’ve heard really good things about your new signing Tielemans is known for his quality as well and looks a bargain at £40mill so I’m not looking forward to seeing him in action as he could hurt us.

Up and coming prospect in your squad? Morgan Gibbs white is a hot prospect in our squad. He’s played for Wolves since he was 8 and made 26 appearances for us last year, so whilst he may not be “up and coming” he might not be up and coming in the sense he is already getting first team starts, but he still has years and years to improve and  I can see him going from strength to strength over the next few seasons.

Where do you think you’ll finish this season? I’d love to see us improve on last year, maybe 6th if we can string together a good bit of form,

How do you think you’ll do against us? I wouldn’t be a Wolves fan if I didn’t think we’d win! Should be a close game though as always.

General Questions:

What do you think of the transfer activity both in and out of your club this summer? Very happy with the signings we’ve made, brought in some exciting talent and kept a lot of the key names we needed at the club.

Which three teams do you think will go down? Norwich, Sheffield and Brighton

Who do you think will win the league? Still can’t see past City (Manchester)

What are your thoughts on the introduction of VAR this season? Might ruin the flow of some games, think it will lead to fairer games overall though.