The Foxes Trust Predictor mini-League 2019-20

Last season we ran a Foxes Trust mini-predictor league whereby each participant predicts the score of all Premier League matches. It was competitive with the lead changing several times before Darren Handy pulled away from the pack. The mini-league is a maximum of 50 participants whilst in the competition as a whole there were 55,384 taking part nationally. So, you have to register with ‘iknowthescore’ to play but the fun is competing against your fellow Foxes fans.

This year we want to fill the Foxes Trust mini-league with as many Trust members as we can and give them priority prior to sending out invitations. So please join today and ensure that you make your predictions before the matches kick off.

The following sets out the registration procedure and how to join The Foxes Trust Mini League, it really is quite simple.

Step 1 Register Yourself as a Player


1.1 Post the link: to register, even if you played last year you will need to re-register as this year it is not promoted by talkSport.


The Home Screen


1.2  Select Register/LogIn  



1.3 Then Select Register – bottom left on the screen below




1.4 Enter your registration details – player name is whatever you want to call yourself and will appear in the League





Step 2 Select Mini League


By entering your personal details, you will have entered an email address, this cannot be seen by other players. However, to win the Foxes Trust prize we will need your email address.


If you want to have a chance of winning the Foxes Trust prize then you can send an email to giving your player name as I can identify your email address from your email.


Whether you want to enter for the prize or not, selecting The Foxes Trust Mini-League is the same, follow the instructions below. 


Once Registered select Mini-Leagues and in box Mini-League Search enter the details as shown

In Mini-League Search:  Name – The Foxes Trust : Team – Leicester : click on search




Enter The Foxes Trust Mini League Code

Enter the code    objbu in the Use Invitation Code box





Step 3 Make your predictions

A player enters their scores by going to MY PREDICTIONS. A player has to enter scores before the official kick-off time of the game. If a game is scheduled to start on Saturday at 15:00, a player will be able to enter their score up until that time. The scheduled kick-off date and time can be found on the MY PREDICTIONS page for each match.

A player is able to go into MY PREDICTIONS and change scores and the Banker or Insurance selections up until the game is scheduled to start. This means for example, that if some games are played on a Sunday, the predictions for these games can be entered or changed on the day until the scheduled kick-off.

Select Predictions and enter the scores, Use the Red Banker button for the match you feel most confident about your prediction, The Green Insurance button for the match you feel least confident about your prediction.

If you are going away, click on the Gameweek button and select the weeks you are away so that you can make your predictions as far ahead as you want