Want To Take Part in a TV City Fans Forum?

The Foxes Trust have been contacted by Cameron Hawes, the Sports Editor at MATV, as the TV channel is soon planning to launch a new weekly TV programme for City fans. 

Here is how Cameron describes the show

 “MATV’S Leicester City Fan Forum 

Want the opportunity to have your say on Leicester City Football Club, well now’s your chance! 

MATV needs loyal and dedicated Foxes fans to participate in a new weekly chat show which will be broadcast to the local public via MATV’S local Channel 6 and Virgin Media Channel 823. 

Fans will get the chance to come into the studio and have their say on the clubs recent form and results, manager’s decisions, transfers etc.” 

The Foxes Trust is keen to support this show as a new way of getting City fans views heard and also with the aim of attracting viewers to support our club and start coming to matches, as fans get their commitment to our club across to a new audience. 

In the first instance, fans who are interested in taking part in the show….

..should contact the Trust mail@foxestrust.com  

Please include in your e-mail the following details: 

Your Name


Contact Phone No(s)

Area that you live**

How you would like to be identified on the show*** 

* Age is requested, so a mix of ages can be achieved on shows, or if a particular topic discussed focuses on one age group, that the appropriate fans are invited to attend. 

** We hope that it may be possible to include Foxiles in some shows, depending on when the show is filmed/broadcast 

*** Again to get a wide mix of views, we hope that some fans would like to be identified as members of a fans organisation, i.e. The Foxes Trust, the Supporters Club, the ISA etc, perhaps as coming from one section of the ground or from one of the fans message boards. 

To make it clear this opportunity is available to any City fan, so as well as contacting Trust members, the Trust is contacting other City fans organisations. 

While recognising that appearing on TV will not appeal to everyone, The Trust hopes you will consider taking part, as the shows success depends on participation of many City fans.

Although the programme is weekly, the number of times a fan will appear will vary, so saying you will take part is not a weekly commitment

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