Jimmy Nielsen Co-Writers Message to City Fans…

The Foxes Trust was contacted by Aalborg fan Jan Drilling, following the signing of Jimmy Nielsen last week,  in which he outlined Jimmy’s skills stating “He is among the absolute best in one-on-one situations, and he is the best goalkeeper in the Danish league at penalties. That is a fact well documented in statistics, he is remarkably quick on the line” 

Following further communication with Jan, the Trust has now received an article from John Laden who was co-writer of the book about Jimmy Nielson (1000 On Red) and works for Aalborg, here is John’s article 

Dear fans of Leicester City 

You have got yourself a new goalkeeper, and as I understand, you are not too happy*. Jimmy Nielsen is a gambler, and that seems to bother some of you guys. 

You are right, and you are not. Jimmy was a gambler, but he is not anymore. In his book 1000 On Red he tells about a gamblers nightmare, but he also tells the story about getting out of his gambling life, and paying everybody every penny they had put into him. 

But who is Jimmy Nielsen. First of all he is tremendous goalkeeper. In his youngest years he was called the new Schmeichel, and he has the talent, that’s for sure. But he has not fully lived up to Peter Schmeichel on the pitch. If he had, he would be playing for Chelsea or Manchester United today, but anyways he is a very fine and experienced stopper. He is best on the line. In Denmark strikers hate to be alone with Jimmy. He beats them time after time. He is scaring on penalties. Many times he has saved his team by saving penalties in his almost 11 years on the best team in Denmark, Aalborg BK…..

His critics say that he is not good in the field, and that has been true. He has worked very hard on that part of the game, and he has been very much better. That is a part of his game that he can develop in England. 

As a person he is very popular on the fan part. He will be very much missed here in his native Aalborg, and people are crying over losing him to you. He is a family man and he brings his wife and two daughters to Leicester, and you can be sure, that Jimmy always do his best. 

He has been the captain for his team for 3 and a ½ year, and he has played all league matches since the start of 1997, 340 league matches without missing one. In a match some years ago he fell down the stairs when he left the pitch for halftime a hit his back. He could not full fill this match, but that is his only absence from the league team. 

If it is possible he will issue his book from 2006 1000 On Red in England in the end of 2007. In the book you can learn a warm, honest fighter to know, and compared to the Danish edition, he will bring news stuff of special interest for English readers. He is the best we have in our club, and we envy you, that you get him. Take good care of him, and he will take good care of you guys.  

The views expressed in this report are the opinions of the author only and do not represent the views of the Foxes Trust organisation

* The Foxes Trust picked up information about Jimmy via various websites, but we have not had any members make negative comments to us about his signing.

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