Brentford Loan Report on Schlupp

As we continue to utilise the Trust network, today we look at a player hoping to force his way into Sven’s chosen 20 outfield players for the season ahead.


Chris Tate from the Brentford Trust, gives his feedback on the performance of Jeffrey Schlupp during his loan period at the end of last season


We signed Jeffrey on loan on 14th March. In truth, few if any Bees fans had heard much about him, but reports from Leicester supporting friends and colleagues suggested he was blessed with real pace and an eye for goal and was highly thought of by the Foxes Academy staff.


Jeffrey didn’t take long to make an impression. Having come off the bench for a brief cameo on 15th against Huddersfield, he came off the bench again against Orient four days later and within twenty seconds had rounded the Orient keeper after an astonishing turn of pace to leave the goal at his mercy, only to see his shot cannon back off the cross-bar from all of two yards out.


A miss that Ronny Rosenthal would’ve been proud of certainly, but he’d made the chance out of nothing and we sensed it wouldn’t be the last chance he’d fashion for himself


We certainly weren’t wrong in that respect. In a total of nine appearances, including six starts, Jeffrey scored six goals and but for the width of the crossbar against Orient and the width of the post at Wembley it would have been eight which is a hugely impressive return by anyone’s standards……


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Newsflash 2

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Newsflash 3

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