Takeover Bid – Trust Update

The role of the Foxes Trust is to act to ensure the long-term viability of the club and that is our prime concern with any potential future owner’s proposals. 

Over the last week the Foxes Trust Board has sought to question the large assumptions being made about the Milan Mandaric bid via media interviews and message board posts. 

This has been viewed by some fans as the Trust being anti Mandaric, this is not the case however it was in part to add balance to the coverage of current situation, where the Leicester Mercury articles, in particular Bill Anderson’s, appear to be very pro Milan Mandaric. 

The “£25m” bid, which was first utilised by a journalist known to work closely with Milan Mandaric, has continually been utilised by the media ever since. Both Milan Mandaric and the Leicester City board have not provided any breakdown of the bid, and as “other options” are being discussed, this is quite understandable, however the Trust Board feels it is important for fans to have a more in depth understanding of what this (or any other bid entails).

For the Milan Mandaric bid it has been stated that the shareholders will get their money back, and although the timing of payment appears still in negotiation, that accounts for around £6.4m….

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Football In the Community Part 2

Today we feature the second article of the series where Trust Board Member Matt Davis looks at the work of the Football In The Community (FITC) via a question and answer session with Craig White who manages the scheme. 

How is it funded and who are you employed by?It is important for supporters to realise that we are totally self financing and independent from the football club. We have a totally separate bank account and rely on generating our own income (from our 80-100 courses etc) and from grant funding from several organisations including:

  • The football in the community umbrella organisation
  • The FA
  • The Football League
  • Leicester City Football Club
  • Various sponsors we manage to pick up on the way!


Can you describe a typical day?

To be honest, as manager, my day is spent juggling a number of skill areas in order to make sure we continue to be successful in all that we do.  Examples of this include:

  • Accountancy (to manage the tight constraints of our budget)
  • Marketing (promoting all that we do)
  •  Public Relations (with all parties we interject with)
  •  Obtaining Grant Funding (including filling in the long complicated forms)
  •  Registering children on courses & ensuring we have coaches for courses etc
  •  Organising prizes and certificates for children who attend
  •  Organising venues for future courses etc……..

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Hard Won Point By Tired City

QPR 1 V Leicester City 1 

This game at Loftus Road in Shepherds Bush has been full of incident and last minute goals in recent seasons, so Foxes supporters anxiously wondered what fate had in store for us as 3pm neared. With a patched up squad and McCarthy & Fryatt appearing on the subs bench (even though they had only trained for 1 day in 3 weeks), it appeared as if Rob Kelly was struggling to put out 16 fit players. No doubt Eddie Blount would have been pleased to see there was no room for Josh Low on Saturday!  

After a swift incursion into opposition territory by Tiatto, the ball was transferred to Cook on Rangers left wing. Cook proceeded to waltz past Kenton with ease and put a superb cross into the near post. Blackstock (later to be nicknamed "Laughing stock" for his inept display) got to the ball first and saw his flick just shave the angle of bar and post. Cue music, Rangers obviously thought they had scored!!  

City weathered a brief flurry of attacks with Cook posing a major threat. Neither Kenton nor Stearman getting close enough to him to either intercept the ball on its way to him nor harry him before bringing it under control. Consequently Cook ran our right hand side ragged throughout the 90 minutes, very often leaving two City players trailing in his wake. Josh Low were you watching?  

It needed Kisnorbo, McAuley and Johansson to be at their best against the tall Nygaard and Blackstock as a constant supply of crosses were pumped into the heart of our defence. Logan had a few anxious moments as corners were gained by Rangers and Rowlands impeded him every time without the referee, Mr Stroud, taking any cognisance.  

After 10 minutes we had weathered the storm and started to put together some neat attacking moves of our own. Wesolowski and Tiatto were winning the midfield battle and Welsh was making his presence increasingly felt on City's left. Hume and Hammond were posing a threat on the ground, twisting and turning the Rangers tall, clumsy central defenders, Stewart and Kanyuka inside out at times….

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New Investment Opportunity

The Foxes Trust welcomes the news that the LCFC board now has a variety of new investment opportunities to consider. 

Trust board members Ian Bason and Matt Davis have been interviewed by the local media today about the current situation. Key points made to the media include:

“It has to be good news that the club has several options to consider rather than a single take it or leave it offer.”

 “It also gives a clear message to a wider football audience the importance of our club and how an attractive investment our club is” 

“We will continue to push for a seat on the board whoever runs the club, even if a potential buyer wants to own all the shares, it is more vital than ever if it is ran by a non- Leicester City fan who won’t appreciate the heritage of our club” 

“We will seek to meet with any major investor at the earliest opportunity to obtain a full understanding of their plans” 

The Foxes Trust anticipates that the LCFC board will examine the options open to them and recommend a way forward to shareholders. 

The Trust Board will carry out regular dialogue with the club throughout the process and update members with more information at the earliest opportunity. 

The Trust intends to utilise our website for sharing information with fans on the latest position, so keep visiting.

Football In The Community Q&A with Craig White

Today we begin a series of articles looking at the work of Football In The Community (FITC) at our club as Trust Board Member Matt Davis interviews Craig White. The series begins with a look at Craig’s background and an overview of FITC’s role. 


Name: Craig White   Job Title: Football in the Community Manager    Age:  32 

Educational Background –Waterleys County Primary School (Wigston), Gartree High School (Oadby) & Guthlaxton College (Wigston) – a local lad! 

Sporting Background – Playing local football at Oadby Town etc 

How did you become involved in football in the community and when? – I’ve been here 13 years now, originally under the leadership of Neville Hamilton.  I’d taken my coaching badges and I saw an advert to help with coaching.  I applied and was hired on a casual basis, then subsequently full time.  My job title was assistant officer, but eventually, when Neville Hamilton moved on, I got the Manager post.


What are the aims and objectives of football in the community and what are the different strands to it (including how this links to the community)?  –  Firstly, let me give you a bit of history. Football in the Community Projects are successfully operated at 92 professional football clubs.  Football in the community projects were first established in the mid 1980’s, with Leicester City’s being set up in 1989……..

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