Josh Knight

Continuing our occasional series, where the Foxes Trust links up with fellow Trusts where a Leicester City player has gone on loan to get a fan’s view of how they are doing, today we check the progress of Josh Knight by obtaining the views of David Cook, Wycombe Wanderers Trust Director

“11 games into Wycombe Wanderers’ first ever season in the highly competitive Championship and the Club is just beginning to find its feet, due, in no small part, to Josh Knight’s arrival on the scene.

At the time of writing, Josh had started 7 games in the Number 12 shirt, having seen us claim our first point against Watford and then back to back wins against Sheffield Wednesday and Birmingham City.

Josh has slotted in quickly alongside Anthony Stewart, the Club’s 2019/20 player of the season, and a level of understanding has developed quickly, his calm, assured presence already resulting in a back four that is growing in confidence.

Player recruitment at Wycombe is based, not only on ability, but also on a player’s acceptance of the Club’s ethos, we win and lose together and observance of the principles of hard work, commitment, respect and honesty.

Clearly, by his performance on the pitch, Josh has bought into this, supported not only by Gareth Ainsworth and his management team, but also by the senior ‘generals’ in the squad.

Wycombe has a reputation, justifiably gained over several years, of looking after players trusted to its care and returning players to their parent club having gained invaluable first team experience as part of their career development. We are sure that will be the case with Josh, although we hope that we don’t have to return him anytime soon.”

The views expressed in this report are the opinions of the Trust member nominated to file the report only and do not represent the views of the Foxes Trust organisation