Fan Consultative Committee – What Happened

Minutes of Meeting held on 1st August 2006

In attendance:

Tim Davies, Andrew Taylor, Andrew Neville, Peter Jones (all LCFC)

Linda Barron, Ellen Bale, Raj Kumar,  Andy Gubbins, Steve Robertshaw, Lisa Hunt, Kevin Bunney, Andy Wilford, Chris Gubbins, Alan Digby, Cliff Ginnetta, Kevin Bourgault, Alan Green, Barbara Merrell 

1. Tim Davies welcomed everyone to the meeting and each person gave a brief introduction. 

2. Apologies for absence had been received from Simon Winfield.

3. The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed as a true and correct record. 

4. It was agreed that matters arising would be dealt with during the meeting.  

5. Andrew TaylorAndrew reflected on the 2005-2006 season and his thoughts for the new season. He talked about the manager and players and he hoped that the promise of the squad would be transferred into results on the field. 

He spoke about the club needing to be a sales lead organisation connecting with our supporters and customers. Season tickets showed that we were losing customers from previous seasons. We need to gain access to the lapsed customers. We need to connect with our supporters and felt we had work to do in that area. He answered questions from members of the committee….

6. Matchday Atmosphere

Andrew Neville spoke about the matches held at the Walkers Stadium towards the end of last season and reflected on the atmosphere generated – Ghana v Jamaica and Conference Play Off Final. He had also attended an England match and had seen the red and white t – shirts handed out at the last match at Highbury. Discussion had taken place with colleagues and he advised that the club would be trying some changes inside and outside the stadium. Steel band, additional food and refreshment kiosks adjacent to the Megastore. 

Fans are being asked to wear blue and generate a ‘sea of blue’ atmosphere. Pre match music and build up including Birch pitch side would be organised for the first matches.There would be a minutes silence in memory of Sep Smith at the first home match. The pre match music and the minutes silence needed to be organised correctly to ensure the respect is shown to Sep Smith. Birch will be organising from the pitch.  

Tim Davies asked whether a supporter’s band playing this season would be welcome. Voting was 12 for and 2 against trying the idea. South East Corner appearing to be the most sensible location. 

TD spoke about the results of the Football League Supporters Survey 2006 and highlighted a number of areas where the club had done well and areas where opportunities arose for improvement.  


LB spoke about the incident in The Fosse Stand at the Real Sociedad match which led to home supporters being ejected. She witnessed one particular steward ( Yellow coat) working hard working with supporters but was disappointed to see Orange jacket Stewards involved. She saw a young fan distraught and thought the situation could have been handled much better. She thought that one particular Orange jacket stewards was a bully and made the situation worse.

AN said that LCFC staff play a key role whether they be stewards, programme sellers, kiosk staff etc because they all play a part in the matchday experience. He said that the steward/fan relationship needs to be looked at. 

He said that 2 fans had visited the club reception before half time and reported that the behaviour of some LCFC supporters was out of order and racist and were not prepared to sit and listen to foul language and abuse and wanted action. 

AN thought that consideration could be given to a change of name from ‘stewards’ to ‘customer service’. TD and AN both stressed the importance of the work of stewards and the possibilities of demotivation.EB asked how stewards are allocated to each section of the stadium. 

AN advised that the club were addressing the general cleanliness inside and outside the stadium. It was felt by the committee that more rubbish bins would be helpful in all areas especially on the concourse. 


A general discussion took place on ticketing including general pricing. The feeling of the committee was the match tickets were reasonably priced. 

TD asked what the committee thought about Real Sociedad as a pre season fixture. General feeling was that a Premiership club would have been of more interest. Perhaps more fans would have attended a Saturday match but felt there was a World Cup hangover that was probably being reflected by many supporters of all clubs. Some fans still on holiday. 


TD asked for comment on Membership packages. 

LH felt that in general that the new packages had been welcomed and accepted by supporters.

Disappointment was expressed at the fact that a junior season ticket holder does not have the chance to be a mascot unless they have platinum membership.  

Kiosk service

AT spoke about Lindley Catering and said that he and TD had held a pre season meeting with them. He stressed the need for them to get the service and value for money working correctly. They will be monitored and any observations are welcome.RK asked about the possibility of pre ordering drinks for half time similar to the theatre. He also asked why we couldn’t have more veggie or healthy options. 


TD asked for comments. General feeling was one of support in what the club were planning but asked for more signage. 

Grading of matches

All agreed that the fixture list would probably mean a majority of B grade matches with some fans fixtures. This will be reviewed as the season develops. 

Community Day

Committee members that had attended enjoyed the day and thought the event an important part of pre season. 

Loyalty Scheme

TD updated the committee – possibility of a commencement of the scheme after October 2006.

 General discussion took place regarding season tickets, loyalty scheme, payment schemes etc.AT said the club need to look at ways of facilitating purchases. Interest free season tickets over 9 months, 2 year season tickets and other methods of paying were discussed. He advised the meeting that as an example Norwich City sell season tickets around Christmas and have had success with retention and loyalty of supporters. 


TD confirmed that Foxlot will be re-launched at the Burnley fixture on August 8th. The committee were pleased to hear of proposed changes with cash prizes and hoped that the marketing and competition in general would be less complicated and easier to understand. 

Any Other Business

It was agreed to advertise that there would be TV coverage at the Walkers Stadium of Leics Foxes playing in 20/20 cricket on 12th August. The feeling was that some fans will be travelling to Nottingham and then coming back for the football. 

Andy Gubbins asked for an update on non delivered season tickets. PJ advised the meeting that approximately 150 had not been delivered and that he was in touch with Royal Mail. 

 Next Meeting – To be confirmed.

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