LCFC Manager – Latest Chapter

It was only in the middle of May that the Foxes Trust examined the managerial records of those names being suggested in the media as potential candidates to take on the challenge of managing LCFC under the demanding leadership of Milan Mandaric. 

So we are now in the same position, not much football has been played since, so here is how the managerial records looked in May 

Following publishing these statistics, we asked members for their viewpoints on potential candidates and here is what some of them said later in May 

At that time we asked members to name one manager they really wanted and one that they certainly didn’t want. When all the responses were analysed, the clearest message was given in that over half of the replies stated that they least wanted Neil Warnock. This was then clearly expressed to the club and Milan Mandaric subsequently commented that he had considered Mr Warnock but was made aware of the strength of feeling that City fans had against his appointment and ruled him out. 

On Thursday 30th August, the Foxes Trust fed back to the club it’s members initial reaction to the departure of Martin Allen and on the basis of those recent members views above regarding Neil Warnock, confirmed by the number of callers on a Radio Leicester phone in on Wednesday night this week who expressed similar concerns, the Foxes Trust made it clear to the club that, several months on, most fans would not back appointing Mr Warnock and therefore would strongly advise against it. The club acknowledged this continued strength of feeling.

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