A New Dawn

A new season of match reports from Trust members kicks off with one of our new signings to the match reporting team, Colin Hall. We will also be featuring reports from both games in Scotland later this week. 

City 3 Notts County 0 

Martin Allen must have been satisfied with his home managerial debut for Leicester City this afternoon. 

Although the 3-0 scoreline over visitors Notts County was perhaps to be expected, the number of strong individual performances was especially heartening. 

For the first time in a long while, the Foxes faithful saw a team in blue that appeared inspired rather than intimidated by their surroundings. 

New signing Stephen Clemence set the tone with a fierce ball-winning challenge in the opening seconds, and followed this up later with his first goal for the club.  We have lacked a midfield general since the departure of Muzzy Izzet some three years ago.  Clemence shows every sign of fulfilling this role. 

In defence, Bruno N’Gotty gave a very assured performance, while in attack Iain Hume was a constant threat and could have had more than one first-half goal to show for his efforts. 

Among the second-half substitutions, James Wesolowski and Joe Mattock were particularly impressive, while Matty Fryatt displayed the goal touch that was often absent last season when heading home Shaun Newton’s cross to make the game safe.  And the enthusiasm shown by young strikers Eric Odhiambo and Ricky Sappleton suggests that competition for striking places will be extremely fierce..

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Audience with Martin Allen, Adrian Whitbread & Alistair Smith

I'm sure all the 100 or so fans that packed into Kilworth Springs Golf Club for the above event were not at all disappointed with the quality of the night.  The evening commenced with an introduction from event organiser Lance Tomlyn, Chairman of Leicester City Independent Supporters Association (see http://www.lcfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/SupportersClubs/0,,10274,00.html for more details.).

Martin Allen then went on to explain the roles played by Adrian Whitbread & Alistair Smith, before taking questions from the floor.  One of the questions was in relation to his opinion of Milan and comments were made such as 'works tirelessly', 'has the Club at heart', 'knows his football', 'very intelligent', 'best Chairman I've ever had' etc.My own personal overall perceptions were:

  • The trio are very organised and working tirelessly to try to achieve success
  • They are the most down to earth management team I think I have ever known
  • They were very receptive to feedback
  • They are excellent motivators
  • They are under no illusions as to what is expected of them
  • They relish the challenge

I could make a great many more observations, but those are probably the most salient ones.


After taking questions from the floor Martin took the opportunity to 'turn the tables' and ask questions of the fans as to what we want to see week on week at the club.


 The feedback he received (and lots of it was made) was written down by Alistair Smith (Martin Allen's Manager) & will be used in poster form to be displayed in the changing room and used for motivational purposes.  It was a novel idea in itself to turn the second half of the evening into a Q&A where the fans answered the questions, but to then use the feedback in this manner was a first class idea…..
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Audience with Martin Allen

As part of our collaborative work with other LCFC supporters organisations Trust board member Matt Davis has received the following invitation from Lance Tomlyn of the Leicester City Independent Supporters Association.  

Martin Allen has agreed at short notice to an evening being held at Kilworth Springs Golf Club, next Monday night (July 16th) 

Lance has kindly said offered “I’d be happy to let Foxes Trust members in for the LCISA members rate of £5, likewise the Official supporters club members"

. Full details are here Audience with Martin Allen & Adrian Whitbread 

Kit Consultation, Personal Gains, Fans Groups, & Equality

This is the second article in the series where Trust Board members respond to fans message board posters questions 

LCFC Online poster – Beaumont Fox

How much input did the FT and the Fans Forum have into the design of the naff shirt* we are getting? (*that's my opinion and not the opinion of the site as a whole!). 

Trust Board Member, Matt Davis responds

I represented the Trust on a sub committee of the Fans Consultative Committee that was specifically set up to discuss the kit design. We never actually saw the final design, but there are elements discussed that have been incorporated, such as the re-introduction of the shield, although the way this has been done in the end wasn’t as I originally envisaged as I preferred to go back to the old style shield in totality and I also preferred a very retro traditional blue and white kit.   

In a democracy though you are never going to please everyone in the sub committee and so the one thing we all stressed was the need to ensure it was a design that the players and manager were happy with.  We all suggested that they had the final say as it is them that have to perform in the chosen style/block of colour/style.   

The question you posted on the message board was a few weeks ago was when the prototype kit was featured on the clubs website. A prototype was used as part of the announcing of the Topps Tiles deal and in many ways in my personal opinion it was a mistake as it was hastily put together, and resulted in a lot of negativity as the shirt had the wrong blue shade. 

However in hindsight this has proved beneficial, as the negative comments about the original yellow block for the sponsors logo, caused a re-think and all credit to Topps Tiles for agreeing to modifications based on the fans criticisms, as many sponsors would not have been so flexible. 

Hope this clarifies matters, if it doesn't feel free to email me directly at matt.davis@foxestrust.com …………

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Money and Mr Mandaric – Your Questions Answered

Towards the end of last season the Trust Board announced that it was changing it’s style of communication relating to all fans message boards and rather than providing answers to individual posts, responses would be provided to questions via this website in the format of periodic Q & A articles, here is the first of the series. 

LCFC Online Message Board Poster – Jay

Wheres the money? as you signed a document confirming you were selling your shares on the 11/02/2007 and now 4 months later I haven't noticed any further comment on what you have actually done with all the money, if you would care to explain what you have done with the FANS money  

Paula Aldred, Trust Treasurer responds

Like every other shareholder, we haven’t received any money from Mr Mandaric as yet and under the terms of the agreement we may not receive any money until 2010, it is basically up to Mr Mandaric when the payment is made.  

As a reminder, each shareholder is only guaranteed to receive 10% of it’s investment, so in the Trust’s case, we will receive £15,100. This level will increase to 50% if promotion to the Premiership is achieved before the 2010/11 season and the full investment paid back if Premiership status is maintained once promoted. 

Therefore the money raised has been utilised funding LCFC to date. Once any money is received from Mr Mandaric, the Trust Board will put forward a range of options to current members on how the money should be utilised, and than act accordingly 

LCFC Official Site Message Board Poster – Foxxing Despondant.  

A while ago someone asked what will happen to the money given to the FT, that there were suggestions that it would be donated to local sports charities if they disbanded. I too gave 100 notes to the FT in the beginning and the thought that that would be given to outside organisations of any denomination simply angers me. How much money was raised and passed to the club? Do the FT still hold any?…….

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