We Are Staying Up – And We All Hate Leeds!

Barnsley 0  Foxes 1 

What a difference a week makes – before the Preston game I couldn't see us winning, today I couldn't see us not winning – and the upbeat mood was certainly in evidence with the bumper 4,000 following in sunny Yorkshire. There was a 'last day' feel to proceedings, and a nostalgic feel as I filtered in to the singing army that were being marched to the ground from the train station by friendly coppers. 

Both teams only realistically needed a point for safety, but it was clear straight from kick-off that there was no West Germany-Austria World Cup 1982 style fix going on. The first half was played at a high tempo but with neither keeper tested, unchanged Leicester generally looking the better team with everyone conveying an impression of knowing what their role was and being confident in their ability to do it, the youngsters Mattock and Wesolowski catching the eye. 

The game came to life early in the second half when two surprising events conspired to give us the lead. Firstly, the linesman kept his flag down after a dozen previous offsides and Matty Fryatt lobbed the advancing keeper. The covering defender looked to have an easy job to head the ball over his own bar, but instead he tried to divert it wide and only succeeded in heading it into the corner of his own net. Cue wild celebrations as safety became all but guaranteed. Barnsley did fight back as the game opened up, Stearman was out of sorts again as the Tykes exploited his flank, but stout defending and solid goalkeeping kept the sheet clean. At the other end, we managed to blow several promising breakaways, Newton being denied by two fine low saves.  

It was all doom and gloom in the home end as the Barnsley fans anticipated a final day showdown, but then something rather splendid happened. It's not often both sets of fans can be simultaneously happy, in fact I've only seen it happen in 3 instances, here they are in reverse order: 

3rd: Ref / linesman falls over / gets injured

2nd: Dog or other animal on pitch, players have to chase it

1st: Leeds conceed late equaliser to seal their own relegation……

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Trust 5 A Side – Appeal for Referees

On Sunday 13th May the Trust is running it's annual 5 a side tournament in the Dome at Belvoir Drive. 

If you haven't read about it previously, this year all profits are going to the Radio Leicester Ruby Rainbows Appeal. 

We are close to finalising the teams taking part (get your entry in quickly if you plan to submit a team), however currently we are short of referees for the day. 

If you fancy volunteering to referee some games on the day, please e-mail john.adcock@foxestrust.com  

Alternatively, if you know of anybody who may be willing, then either ask them or pass on their details to John. 

It is a worthwhile cause, so we hope you can help our search & make the day a complete success

Trust Syndicate Sponsors Mattock

The Foxes Trust is pleased to announce that the syndicate set up by the Trust and funded by each syndicate member contributing an equal amount, is now the first team sponsor of Joe Mattock for the rest of the 06/07 season. 

Originally the Trust syndicate sponsored Chris O’Grady, until his transfer to Rotherham, but now the syndicate has taken on sponsorship of local player Joe Mattock after his elevation to the first team squad and his encouraging performances following his debut against Norwich. 

Trust Board Member & syndicate member Matt Davis said “We are pleased to continue our association with the emerging talent from the Academy. Alongside our growing Corporate Membership scheme, which has generated additional funds for the Academy this season, it demonstrates the Trusts aim of backing the long term future of the club." 

“We would like to congratulate John Rudkin and his team on a very successful season”  


Joe Mattock settling into a First Team Shirt (Picture courtesy of Raymonds/lcfc.com)

“Our first team sponsorship of Joe Mattock for the remaining games of the season is a prelude to being his sponsor for next season, when we hope he becomes an integral part of a successful side”.

We Could Be Heroes Just For One Day

PNE 0 v Foxes 1 

On the short trip for me to Preston I thought about Steve Walsh's foreword to the 'Essential History of Leicester City' book – "Leicester to most people is simply an unremarkable city, somewhere in the middle of the country … but to the people of Leicester it is much more than that…The story of Leicester gives an example of what can be achieved by hard work, commitment and loyalty to the cause. The fans have been brought up to expect its team to not know when it is beaten, and to never quit". 

And meeting my Preston-supporting mate before the game and him all full of dreams of promotion, I thought about how we haven't had a dream in a long time. And I thought about how many times in the last week I'd told friends and colleagues in Manchester that Leicester were one of only a handful of clubs never to have been out of the top two flights. And in the national football museum at Deepdale I saw young Leicester fans marveling at a wall display showing league placings for the past 100 years and what a force we've been from time to time. And I thought about the Talking Heads song 'Once in a Lifetime', and I thought 'how did we get here?' 

And most of all I wished Walshy was still playing, cos I know that when the chips are down you look around in the changing room and wonder 'who's going to do it for us today?' and I know its a Yank saying but even though the irony is that we've had much worse teams over the years, I just didn't think we had the 'go to' players to get us out of this pickle. I could feel the soil falling over our heads and I must confess I wasn't sure who could save us, and cos I've not been to many games this season I felt I'd not done my best and I felt pretty low about the whole shooting match. 

But just when you think football nowadays is about as passionate as a trip to Tescos and that it doesn't mean a thing to you anymore, you have a day like this and it was right up there with winning the play-offs and the league cups. We didn't need the go-to players because we had the go-to fans, they weren't just the 12th man they were the 13th and 14th as well – and their belief transmitted to the players and they became as giants. And with the engraver's hand poised to chisel a name onto the Tony James Great Escape Trophy, who could have guessed it would be the name of Nisse Johannsen, the 66-1 longest punt on the coupon for first goalscorer – in the last minute – in front of the Leicester fans. What a moment!….

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5 a Side – Need To Get Entries In Now

The Foxes Trust announced details of our annual 5 A Side Tournament at the Dome Belvoir Drive at the beginning of the month, with all profits from this year’s event going to the Ruby Rainbows Appeal.  More details about the appeal here http://www.bbc.co.uk/leicester/local_radio/ruby_appeal/index.shtml 

In the next few days we need to finalise the number of teams taking part, so if you intend to enter a side, please e-mail john.adcock@foxestrust.com to let him know. 

To confirm your participation register your team here http://www.foxestrust.com/join/tournament.php and use the on-line facility to make payment OR please send a cheque to John Adcock(5/2007), Foxes Trust, PO Box 7036, Leicester, LE2 7WR and made payable to Foxes Trust.

Your place in the competition will only be confirmed once payment is received.

The entry fee is unchanged from last year at a minimum of £40 per team.

The First games kick off at 2pm, and we aim to finish around 7pm. Depending on the final numbers it will take place on Sunday May 13th and hopefully Sunday 20th 2007.

Don’t miss out, register today !