End Of Season Review 2016-17 Part Three

In the a further instalment of our match reporters considered thoughts on last season and aspirations for next, today we get the view of our Northern based match report, Graham Tracey

Before the season started what were your hopes on what we could achieve?

Top half finish, get out of the CL group stage and an FA Cup run a bonus

So on that basis out of 10, how would you rate last season overall and why?

9 – for all the ups and downs, the season must be placed in the context of our history as one of the greatest ever

Why do you think we had relative success in the Champions League while struggling in the Premier League ?

Playing twice a week at that level is mentally difficult as well as physically. Remembering our second tier seasons, we always had dodgy patches across 46 games and that was at a much lower standard.

When it was announced, did you agree with the sacking of Claudio Ranieri ?

No – even though I felt there was a strong chance of relegation, I wanted Claudio to be able to leave with dignity in the summer

And now with the benefit of seeing the results, were the owners proved right ?

Yes. Although I disagree with and hate the cliché “football is just a business”. If you go to a restaurant / concert / theatre or buy a car and its rubbish, you don’t go again or buy the same car again. That’s business. With football, fans go back regardless of it being rubbish. Completely different emotional factors are in play.

What was your personal highlight of the season?

Overcoming Sevilla. Hugely emotional and an unforgettable achievement. From the first half of the first leg, it looked utterly futile. Fighting on knowing that at some point things will get better was a lesson we can all remember with fondness for our lives in general.

Kasper won the Player of the Year Awards, would he have been your choice and who else do you think deserves praise for their performances

Yes as a keeper in my youth he certainly would. I never thought anyone would replace Mark Wallington as my all-time favourite City keeper but Kasper has. Vardy, Albrighton and Simpson were all consistently good – Vardy despite ridiculous and ill-informed criticism from the media and armchair followers of other clubs.

Which player do you think made the most progress last season and why?

Albrighton and Chilwell.

Which player did you think underperformed the most last season and why ?

Mahrez. Reminded me of playing for a poor 5 a side team and when we were struggling I’d always keep giving it to our most skilful player even when we only had success one time out of a dozen. Must be frustrating for him, but didn’t pass often enough to take advantage of the  space elsewhere. I am happy for him to leave on the grounds that I would be more upset if Grey left instead.

What were your views on the signings made during last season ?

Ndidi was obviously excellent and I like Slimani. But elsewhere the peril of signing too many players new to English football who may not settle or integrate (as much off the pitch as on it) was clear. I am much happier being linked with say McGuire than European, African or South American centre halves.

For match reporters who attended away games, which ground gave you your best away experience and why ?

As my girlfriend is a Liverpool season ticket holder, I sat in the Kop with her for their first home game of the season and it was the loudest noise I have experienced in nearly 40 years of going to games.

Moving onto next season

What changes do you think are necessary to improve on this year’s squad?

Probably one player through the spine of the team. I prefer a fairly regular first XI than too much rotation though, and so I am averse to spending millions of pounds on here today, gone tomorrow squad players.

While watching Premiership games during the 2016/7 season, which player from another club would you advise Shakey to sign?

Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlain is for me an example of the standard of player we could now attract from a bigger club who would do well for us for a number of seasons.

What would you set as the target(s) for next season ?

Go all out for the FA Cup and Europa League qualification

Any other observation you would like to make

Living in the North West, it was increasingly annoying to be on the receiving end of daily comments in February about ‘snakes’ from people who have never set foot in  Leicester, let alone been to a match, let alone got to know the personalities of our players over the years. People would also regularly say to me “what’s gone wrong with your team this season” as if winning the league was the new normal. Exasperating.

I would also like to keep hold of as many of the title winners for as long as possible. Like the astronauts who walked on the moon, one day none of them will be left at our club, and we should cherish having them for as long as we can.

The views expressed in this report are the opinions of the Trust member nominated to file the report only and do not represent the views of the Foxes Trust organisation


Harry Maguire

The Foxes Trust utilises the Trust network to get the lowdown on new signing Harry Maguire from fans that watched him last season, here are the views of Greg Whitaker from the Hull City Supporters Trust

“Harry Maguire was a revelation last season, as the former Sheffield United youngster was finally handed the opportunity to fulfil his huge potential. Bought by Steve Bruce in 2014 for £2.5 million, the 23-year-old had to wait for his first team opportunity at the KCOM, behind the likes of Curtis Davies, Michael Dawson, James Chester and Paul McShane in recent seasons. However, due to The Tigers’ limited squad and a number of key injuries at the start of this season, Maguire was handed his chance and he certainly did not look back.

Comfortably forming partnerships, and easily able to play in both in a back three and flat back four, the former England under-21 international was far and away Hull City’s overall standout player last season.

As well as his old-fashioned, no-nonsense approach to defending, Maguire also offers something a bit different going forward. His trademark powerful drives forward, which are reminiscent of those made by the likes of Rio Ferdinand and, more recently, Toby Alderweireld, caused chaos amongst the backlines of some of the Premier League’s best teams this season, and his cannon of a shot, although not always the most accurate, has had many opposition goalkeepers worried.

With the likes of Burnley’s Michael Keane recently making his debut for England, Maguire cannot be far away from an international call-up of his own based on last season’s performances.

Unfortunately, with relegation back to the Championship sealed, I think it’s fair to say us Hull City fans knew it would take a miracle to see Maguire still in a black and amber shirt come August.

With the world at his feet, I don’t think any City fans begrudge Big ‘Arry his move. He has a big career ahead of him, and we all hope he can continue to progress with the Foxes and get that illusive England cap he so clearly deserves.”

You can read the latest from the Hull City Supporters Trust here http://hullcitysupporterstrust.com/



D.    LCFC website

Dan Ayers from the digital sports consultancy, Seven League, has been working with LCFC since 2015, advising on potential partners. Seven League doesn’t build websites but rather focuses on strategy. It has a wealth of sports and particularly football experience, including work with the Premier League, UEFA, Barcelona, Juventus, Spurs and Sutton.  Dan himself brings an inside view of a club from his time at Valencia.

Dan presented the findings from a review which will help to define a bespoke framework for the LCFC website. He explained the importance of defining the website’s target audience, by ascertaining consumption, frequency, purpose, preferences and retail habits of users.

James Challinor said that he uses social media on a day-to-day basis and uses the website primarily to purchase tickets. He would use it more if there were clips of players speaking or player videos.

Richard Tullis described the present website as very clunky with nothing to entice the user to look.

Simon Grindrod asked for more journalistic input, opinions and independent analysis, such as a matchday magazine and contributions from guest writers. Dan said that including opinion pieces was feasible. He said LCFC is now in the top 25 of digitalised clubs, with all clubs competing for the attention of media fans.

Dan raised the issue of providing targeted information to particular audiences, eg in Algeria where fans would have a keen interest in Algerians playing for the Club.

Simon Grindrod asked about the use of livestream Kodi Stick. Dan explained the difficulty of evaluating the number of people using illegal streams which are hitting traditional viewing channels.

Robert Maybury said the shop site was also cumbersome and not user-friendly which as JT explained, is the reason the Club is looking for new partners. Dan noted the difficulty of using different providers for different functions. He explained that the Club wants to personalise across all websites when the user logs in. James Challinor suggested there should be tiles showing purchase history.

Personalisation could include ticketing preferences, favourite players (useful for tailoring stories), shopping etc.

Simon Grindrod recommended bringing together all a user’s information such as points, membership, etc with a single log-in.

Regarding social media, the Seven League review found that usage varied country by country depending upon the type of social media available. In the UK, for example, Facebook is the 6th most popular.

Robert Maybury suggested that the Help account could be used to speak to Jon Rudkin.

Richard Tullis highlighted the barrage of abuse that gets posted online.

The Club does its best to take down the posts and this is another reason to target stories for international audiences in their native languages, eg Algeria and Thailand. LCFC are not alone in facing this problem.

The Seven League review found that users are happy with the online renewal of season tickets but find it more difficult to buy away match tickets.

A key objective of the new system will be purchasing tickets with a mobile.

Dan outlined the timeline for the Club digital review:

-          Tendering Process – tenders will be invited from 8 to 9 providers; getting the right parties is a very thorough process that will take approximately 3 months;

-          Discovery Phase – looking at audiences;

-          Design work;

-          Quality assurance and testing (private Beta testing with a small group of fans and staff, followed by public Beta testing);

-          Refinement based on feedback;

-          Website goes live.

The above technical build will be carried out in parallel with getting feedback from supporters, eg the FSS, Your 90 Minutes and forums.

The new www.lcfc.com site will go live in beta phase on Wednesday 7 June and will be presented to the FCC group for testing on 12 June. The new e-commerce and ticket sites will go live on Tuesday 4 July.

E.      Any Other Business

1.      Robert Maybury asked about refunds for Arsenal tickets, saying the Club had refunded last year. The Club took the decision to refund any supporter who could not make the rearranged fixture at short notice as this was a very late TV fixture change in 2015/16. However, for the 2016/17 sales, we suspended sales until the new fixture date had been confirmed, therefore we had made necessary arrangements to avoid minimal disruption to supporters.        

 Dan asked whether the Premier League’s new system refunds train tickets. Simon Capper responded that the Premier League had looked at it but found it unfeasible.

2.      Richard Tullis noted that the Club’s website contract with Football League Interactive will expire in June.  Jamie Tabor assured the meeting that the Club’s own website would be up and running by then. He confirmed Richard’s question that there would be one address for accessing everything offered by the Club, including booking events with Compass, social feeds, retail and ticket sales.

3.      Cliff Ginnetta asked whether clapbanners would be reintroduced into L Block.

Susan Whelan explained that removing clapbanners from L Block was a direct response to a series of specific  incidents. Cliff asked why the ban on clapbanners applied only to L Block and not to K Block which is on the same concourse. SW explained that a small group of fans in L Block had deliberately engaged in a premeditated act which necessitated the Club’s response.

         Action Point – SW to discuss clapbanners’ issue in L Block with Kevin Barclay.

         Action Point – Jim Donnelly to ensure clapbanners are available in Fanstore for supporters who sit in L Block.

Both action points were followed through and communicated to supporters in L block. This system will remain in place for the foreseeable future, pending a review and decision at director level.

Jamie Tabor stressed that the safety of supporters is the Club’s No. 1 priority. He noted that 13 Crystal Palace supporters had been injured by wet clapbanners, including a child who was cut on the face and head, requiring hospital treatment. He said samples of other clappers are being tested.

Simon Grindrod noted that the Club has earned the reputation of being a safe family club which is very important.

Susan Whelan said this was a zero tolerance situation and the Club would not permit this type of aggression with the clapbanners. 

4.      James Challinor asked whether there would be a survey on the goal music. Jamie Tabor replied that the Club had promised to review and would do so. The topic can be discussed at the next Your 90 Minutes on Hospitality and Concourses.

         Action Point – include goal music on agenda for Your 90 Minutes.

This was not included in Your 90 Minutes due to time restrictions as the respective topics were not relevant. This is however to be discussed in future ‘Your 90 Minutes’ sessions.

5.      Cliff Ginnetta highlighted the need for a new drummer in L Block as Lee wasn’t well enough to do it. Lee is now back drumming and this point is now resolved.

6.      James Challinor asked whether fans would be consulted on a revamped points system.

         Susan Whelan asked James himself to put forward some proposals on how to weight the games.        

James Challinor raised the problem faced by season ticket holders getting 50 points and non- season ticket holders finding it very difficult to buy other tickets. He queried whether a separate scheme could be held for non-season ticket holders who have no chance of getting away tickets.

         Action Point – James Challinor – revamped points system.

It was highlighted in the Your 90 Minutes on 5 June that the issue may be within the Away Ticket Priority scheme.  Jonathan Gregory, Jim Overend and Vishal Dayal are going to audit and review it this year and propose a solution to the problem for season 2018/19. During the 2017/18 season they will continue to monitor and ban individuals, utilising methods, such as the media, to indicate the Club’s intentions on the issue.

The Club must avoid the emergence of an almost exclusive club based on the current points scheme; could there be a ballot for everyone over a certain limit? Susan Whelan asked whether 60 tickets should be kept for new family combinations, eg Dads and lads. Simon Grindrod continued the discussion by raising the problem of new fans not having a chance of breaking in to buy a ticket.

SW also noted the issue of isolated empty seats.

Action Point – look into purchasing process and alleviating isolated empty seats.

Following consultations, we will be holding 2% of away tickets back for members to purchase away tickets via a ballot

7.      David Seddon asked whether the Club would be ok in the event of relegation, considering players’ salaries etc.

SW gave her assurance that costs were covered and the Club would be ok.

8.      Cliff Ginnetta thanked the Club for enabling the fans to attend the SPOTY awards.

Jamie Tabor concluded the meeting by emphasising that Jim Donnelly is always available to answer queries. 

Date of Next Meeting: 20 June 2017


Family Stand

East Stand

Spion Kop

West Stand

Fosse Club



Robert Maybury

Stuart Symons

Ian Clements

James Challinor

Richard Tullis

Simon Grindrod

David Seddon



Michelle McLean

Peter Hill

Chloe Dexter

Yogesh Khalia

Heather Wood

Nick Palmer


Frank Moss

Supporter Groups

Leicestershire Constabulary

LCFC Directors

LCFC Staff

Alan Digby ( Foxes Trust)

Andy Gubbins (DSA)

Cliff Ginnetta  (LCFC Supporters Club)

Ali Grimsley

Sean McOwen

Susan Whelan (CEO)

Simon Capper (Finance Director)

Caroline McGrory (General Counsel)

Mags Mernagh (Director Estates & Infrastructure)

Jonathan Gregory (Commercial Director)



Jim Donnelly (SLO & DAO)

Stuart Johncock (HO  Supporter Engagement)

Matt Bray (Manager, Community Trust)

Richard Lymbery (GM Compass)

Jamie Tabor (HO Marketing)

Sam Chambers (Multi-Media Manager)

Esther Walker (PA to CEO)




Jon Rudkin (Director of Football)

Andrew Neville (Football Operations Director




These minutes are issued by LCFC



Jamie Tabor opened the meeting by welcoming all the attendees and conveying apologies.

Susan Whelan introduced Matt Bray (Community Trust Manager), Sam Chambers (Multi-media Manager), Esther Walker (PA) and Dan Ayers of the digital sports consultancy, Seven League.  She explained that the club’s management team had been strengthened with the addition of three new directors whom she introduced as:

  • Caroline McGrory who joins the Club as General Counsel from Petronas Mercedes in the equally dynamic industry of Formula One motorsports where she held the position of Director of Legal and Commercial Affairs;
  • Mags Mernagh, Director of Estates and Infrastructure, who brings to LCFC a wealth of project and infrastructure experience gained at Manchester City and Leicester City Council and who will develop the club’s development projects with the new training ground and site expansion adjacent to the stadium;
  • Jonathan Gregory, Commercial Director, who has a background in sports, theatre, the Football Association, Wembley, Puma and Fulham Football Club.

SW gave an overview of the club’s activities, outlining the work that was underway on finalising the infrastructure for next season, website development and a ticketing system.  She highlighted the value of feedback from Your 90 Minutes regarding the concourse work.

Agenda Items from FCC Members

A.    Jamie Tabor presented the answers to questions put forward by FCC members at the previous meeting:-

1.    Champions League games - 60 tickets went uncollected in Brugge, 121 in Copenhagen and 232 in Porto.  The uptake by season ticket holders for the 3-game package was over 17,000.

2.    Screen font size – Sam Chambers explained that the font size has been enlarged and made bolder but it can be further increased if necessary. No further feedback was received from supporters further to the font size being increased and made bold, so it was taken that this issue is now resolved.

3.    Supporter tours of concourse artwork – the final piece of street artwork was completed in the last week of January.  The Club is now waiting for the artists’ diaries and warmer weather to carry out the tours; final works will be completed in March/April. Due to the demand of normal stadium tours (max 4 per day), end of season fixtures, play-on-pitch events and close-season stadium maintenance, no concourse tours have been carried out as yet. The concourse tours are planned to commence once the 2017/18 season kicks-off.

B.    Agenda items for today’s meeting:-

1.    Fan Cam

At present it isn’t possible to show Filbert Fox animation on Fan Cam but the Club will include it in upgrades in the summer.

Fan Cam focus on supporters celebrating a birthday and being presented with a goodie bag – the Club currently does an “in the crowd” for special birthdays. Doing this specifically on the Fan Cam has previously been complicated by the fact that supporters have not been in their seats. This will also be reviewed in the summer to enhance the fan experience.

2.    Using Vouchers at away games

LCFC pays for these vouchers but have to get approval from the home clubs before carrying out any away game activities. They can be used at half-time. The Club is reviewing potential giveaways for next season, including the distribution of food and drink vouchers. The issue of food and drink items not being available before kick-off and at half-time at away clubs, is recognised by LCFC, and we are trying to work closer with opposition Clubs to ensure that provision is made for enough food and drink items to be made available for all supporters at any future potential voucher giveaways.

3.    Priority Points for Games

This complex issue was raised at the recent ‘Your 90 Minutes’ event. Many supporters raised concerns over the growing difficulty for people gaining access to Away tickets, disadvantaging the non-season ticket holders. Denise Midgley expressed her feeling regarding supporters with high priority points who get tickets for all away games but sell them on.

Priority points will continue for next season with 50 points being added to those who have renewed. The points criteria will increase at the start of the season.

4.    Photos with the Premier League Trophy

Over the last four months the Premier League trophy has been seen at various events by 64,000 people. The Club held an event in the City Fanstore with the trophy; a similar event took place in the City Fanstore over the spring half-term, between 15 and 19 February.  The trophy has been taken to a wide number of schools this season, to Junior Fox Member events, Diwali celebrations, grass-root clubs. It was also present at the ‘Your 90 Minutes’ forum in January. The trophy is made available where possible during Stadium Tours.

A total of 316,078 people across Leicestershire had the opportunity to see the Premier League trophy both at King Power stadium and during visits to schools and junior football clubs, including

19,500 students during visits to 50 county schools

4,000 young players during visits to 15 junior football clubs

The grand finale was a large, free photo session at King Power Stadium when over 2,000 people took their photos with the trophy.

5.    Wifi and Mobile Access within King Power Stadium

The Club has looked at this seriously for some time. Some models are commercially driven, meaning that the wifi supplier takes revenue from the users; the Club doesn’t feel this is appropriate and is looking at a robust solution owned or hired by the Club. Any system will require considerable testing which the Club is undertaking.

6.    Half-time queues within the concourses

The average transaction time is 35 seconds and mobile units are also provided in the East Stand. Footfall is also a factor.  Around 70 new beer taps have replaced Singla bottles.

Simon Grindrod pointed out that Singla barrels, which at 30 litres are much smaller than other brands, need to be changed more frequently. He added that the mobile option isn’t popular. He said the worst queues were in the 45 minutes prior to kick-off, particularly in West Stand, Gates 6-12.  He asked whether another circuit could be installed. Richard Lymbery said Compass was continuing to explore options but cellars were a problem.

Post-meeting follow-up: the transactions reports from the Singha bar mentioned show a transaction took place approximately every minute during the trading period until kick-off. There is no record of a 20-minute break that would indicate a barrel change.

C.    Your 90 Minutes

Stuart Johncock explained that each session of Your 90 Minutes brings together a panel of randomly selected supporters to discuss a specific topic. He summarised the key points of the discussion on the Digital Review:

1.    Most of the panel thought the 2016/17 Season Ticket campaign represented the Club and linked well with the supporters; they liked the personal touch in the form of a letter from the Chairman. They felt, however, that communications should be sent out earlier and the campaign should include hard copies which should be prioritised, eg for senior citizens.

2.    The Club recognises there are some issues with the digital communications and will review for the 2017/18 Season Ticket campaign.

During the January ‘Your 90 Minutes’ with Season Ticket Holders, a number of points were raised regarding the way certain groups of communicated to (i.e. over 60s without an email address/regular access to the internet). As a result, a physical brochure was posted to all non-direct debit 60+ STHs AND those without an email address on the system, AND those who’s initial ‘launch’ email was suppressed.

Total brochures sent: 4924                                                                                                                                                                      

In addition, all supporters on the Direct Debit Scheme received a letter, regardless.

3.    The panel discussed benefits for Season Ticket Holders, with the Club looking to see how many Season Ticket Holders use the benefits available and how often. During the January ‘Your 90 Minutes’ meeting, Season Ticket Holders were asked for their thoughts on the introduction of a Loyalty Reward Scheme, where supporters accumulate points based on their activity and interactions with the Club, which are then redeemable against retail purchases or ‘money can’t buy experiences’.

Feedback from supporters was very positive and supporters were very welcoming to the idea. They would like to see rewards given to supporters on their birthdays too. 

4.    The Club put forward the idea of launching a loyalty scheme in place of the 10% discount currently offered. The scheme received positive feedback. Stuart Johncock advised that the Club has introduced a loyalty system whereby points can be earned by accessing the website. The launch date is yet to be agreed but will be in July, once the software and new websites are up and running. The Club will develop a full breakdown of how points can be earned and redeemed.

5.    The Club asked Season Ticket Holders if they would be interested in a resale process if they are unable to attend a match. Options similar to StubHub or an in-house system were discussed. During the January ‘Your 90 Minutes’ meeting, supporters were also asked for their thoughts. It was discussed that supporters would like to be able to give their season ticket to friends and family if they are unable to attend; doing this through the club would enable them to gain points.

Resale platform will be in place with the final elements internally to be discussed such as how much the supporter will get back and if the club will charge them a fee to do this.

Cliff Ginnetta asked if the resale process could be introduced for the game at Arsenal.  The Club explained that we are unable to put away tickets on a resale platform due to the restrictions of the host clubs as these tickets are owned by the respective clubs. Most current schemes don’t cover away tickets.

James Challinor asked whether the Club preferred an in-house re-sale system. Jamie Tabor replied that the Club does prefer an in-house system and part of the digital project will allow for friends and family to benefit from the repurchase of season tickets. He explained that the Club prefers to see occupied seats which generate a better atmosphere.   A legitimate ticket exchange system is the answer. An In-house resale system will be in place, max of 4 times to use it a season

These minutes are issued by LCFC

Part two of the minutes will be published tomorrow and covers the new LCFC website and questions raised under AOB by attendees


End Of Season Review 2016-17 Part Two

Today is Eddie Blount’s turn as part of the match reporting teams view on last season and aspirations for next…

Before the season started what were your hopes on what we could achieve ?

Very difficult question to answer given the last two seasons had been so wildly different. To say mid-table would have suggested a lack of confidence in a squad which had virtually performed a footballing miracle, yet to say qualifying for one of the European competitions was a giant step above our previous norm. I decided not to address this question but just see what happened

So on that basis out of 10, how would you rate last season overall and why?

6 but would have been 7 had they finished in the top half of the table (as they would have done but for a poor decision by an assistant referee)

Why do you think we had relative success in the Champions League while struggling in the Premier League ?

We were very lucky to find ourselves in a group that was less competitive than any other and to play the weakest team first was also a bonus. The win at Bruges gave us  -team and fans – the confidence that the dream might continue. Plus the atmosphere at Champions’ League home games was extraordinary and played a big part in our victories. I really thought that had we scored a second goal against Athletico we would have got a third. We stretched them to the limit!

When it was announced, did you agree with the sacking of Claudio Ranieri ?

Sad but necessary. We have a wonderful owner by footballing standards and he showed he could take the hard decisions

And now with the benefit of seeing the results, were the owners proved right ?

Undoubtedly the subsequent results proved the owners 100% right

What was your personal highlight of the season?

Reaching the Champions’ League quarter-finals! A continuation of the wonder world of 2015-6

Kasper won the Player of the Year Awards, would he have been your choice and who else do you think deserves praise for their performances

Kasper gives so much to the team and no player has a better rapport with the fans so who could begrudge him the honour. I would also give great praise to Albrighton and Simpson who both gave everything in every game I saw plus a special mention for Vardy who kept going through thick and thin and was always a goal threat

Which player do you think made the most progress last season and why?

I was very impressed by the play and potential of Ndidi who might yet replace the unreplaceable Kante. Chilwell had his moments but his defending (tackling and positioning) still need working on

Which player did you think underperformed the most last season and why ?

Unfortunately Mahrez by a mile! Simpson performed wonders doing his job and the defensive duties of Riyad as well, but it meant he hardly dare venture over the halfway line!

What were your views on the signings made during last season ?

Mixed bag! For £30M I want more from Slimani, starting with being fit for more games. I am far from convinced that he is significantly better than Ulloa. Biggest disappointment was Musa who lacks the strength you need in the Premiership. The young Pole may be one for next year. Mendy showed some promise but we must reserve judgment until he is injury-free. The balance of the signings was wrong as we needed midfielders and centre backs plus a back-up right-back. The back-four situation cost us dearly at the end of the season

Moving onto next season

What changes do you think are necessary to improve on this year’s squad?

More centre-backs and a right-back plus an attacking midfielder. I would also look for a back-up keeper

While watching Premiership games during the 2016/7 season, which player from another club would you advise Shakey to sign?

The Middlesborough flyer Traore should be available and not too expensive

What would you set as the target(s) for next season ?

Europa league qualification is not unrealistic I feel, though target-setting before the squad is completed is not ideal

The views expressed in this report are the opinions of the Trust member nominated to file the report only and do not represent the views of the Foxes Trust organisation