We are Premier League – Predictably!


After four rounds of matches, the Premier League takes a break for the International Fixtures and all you making your predictions have had a weekend off from those torturous decisions you have to make. How many could not bring themselves to predict Leicester City would lose to Liverpool, although that was the obvious choice it goes against the grain to not back your team. So, you go for a draw and play the insurance card so in that way you have remained faithful to your team and have also safeguarded against losing points – though in reality you have, because you could have been +10 points (minimum) if you had gone with your head, instead of zero by going with your heart.


After a slow initial uptake in the league we sent out a few invitations, focussing on the filter that provided a list of Leicester fans in the competition, we selected some internationally based predictors, and some UK based ones. There was an amazing uptake and we ended up with 50 players in The Foxes Trust Predictor League, the maximum allowed: totally bowled over by the response.


From the picture above it can be seen that there are 2616 mini-leagues and that our league lies 99th in this, this is based on the best results from a limited number of players – thus mini leagues with less than 50 players can compete. The leading mini league are Seabridgers Carling Premier predictor year 4 having amassed 2670 points to the TFTPL 2155.


On an individual level, the current leader of TFTPL is Foxedtheoppo who, in spite of only scoring 10 points in week 4, retained their leadership of the league with 525 points. In national terms, there are 52,445 participants and Foxedtheoppo lies 210th having been as high as 8th after week 3. The leader is Scavenger with 625 points. Top rated Leicester City fan is Pere from Nigeria with 560 points.


As we move towards round five, some of you will be considering what will happen at Bournemouth where City have not played so well in recent seasons. Will Vardy’s return from suspension inspire City to a win? Does Puel’s passing style of play diminish Vardy’s effectiveness? Can City’s lack of pace in the centre backs deny them a clean sheet. I let you into a little secret, I have gone for a 1-1 draw – and not played my insurance card.