View from the opposition – Stoke City

A bit about you:

Name: Peter Machin                      Current home town: Leicester

Birthplace: Stoke on Trent

How long have you supported your team? 

Always. My first live game was in March 1978 where Garth Crooks scored a hat trick in a 4-2 win over Blackburn.

Overview of your club: Favourite thing about your home ground:

It has to be the noise, especially at night games when Delilah is being belted out.

Favourite match played by your team & why: 

Can't really choose between two.

Stoke v Wolves – last game of the 83-84 season we need to win to avoid relegation and do so handsomely with a 4-0 win. Just fantastic for a 13 year old. Unfortunately the next season we were relegated with 17 points and -67 goal difference, but wouldn't have missed the feeling of that  4-0 win.

Sorry to say the other was May 2008 v Leicester. It was a pretty dire game but we finally got into the premier league which I had basically given up on ever happening. It was also my last game as a season ticket holder as my eldest daughter was born that summer. Friends think it is hilarious I watched so much drivel in the lower leagues and we finally get promoted and I stop going on a regular basis. 

Favourite player of all time who played for your club:  

Has to be Mickey Thomas. He first came when i was an 11 year old and was our player of the season scoring 11 goals in the old first division in 1982-83. What i really liked was if he thought he'd been badly fouled he would spend the next 10 minutes trying to get his own back without the ref seeing. He came back to us later in his career when we were relegated to the third tier and brought a bit of class to our midfield again. Plus who can't be amused by his counterfeit fiver's scam as he said"Roy Keane was on £50,000 a week, but so was i until the police found the printing machine". A true maverick

About our forthcoming match against you:

Your favourite current player in your squad and why?  At the moment it is Crouch simply because he works hard

Player in your squad we should most fear and why?  

Again at the moment it is Jack Butland because at least he will stop you scoring

Player in our squad you most fear and why? 

Jamie Vardy – pace against our defence is always a problem

Up and coming prospect in your squad? 

Our academy seems incapable of producing a player to come through to the first team. Of the young players Ramadan Sobhi a 19 year old Egyptian international can be exciting when running with the ball.

How do you think you’ll do against us? 1-1

General Questions:

What did you think of the winter activity both in and out of your club?

Kurt Zouma (on loan from Chelsea) was a good acquisition.  I said last season that Marko Arnautović was our one truly exciting and dangerous player we had, so it was sad to see him go.

Where do you think you’ll finish this season? Right now, 14th.

Which three teams do you think will get relegated from the Premiership?

Swansea, Huddersfield and Palace (the latter being such a pain to get to for an away game)

Any other comments? As I said last season, I was really pleased to see Huth get his champions medal. He is universally liked by all Stokies