View from the opposition – AFC Bournemouth

At bit about you:

Name: Brian Roberts

Current home town: Stafford

Birthplace: Liverpool

How long have you supported your team? 20 + years

Overview of your club:

It's been a fantastic season with its ups and downs including some significant injuries. The team spirit has kept us going and here we are looking to our third year in the premier league. Something that no one would have put a bet on!!!! Eddie Howe is without doubt the reason for this.

Favourite thing about your home ground: Being a small compact ground means you are close to the action allowing opportunities to advise the referee !!!!!!

Favourite match played by your team & why: The most memorable game the 2-0 away win at Burton Albion which was last game of 2009/10 season. The win clinched promotion from the second division against all the odds having faced a transfer embargo and on occasions not having enough players to fill the subs bench. The day was made more enjoyable because of the generosity of Burton Albion in allowing us to celebrate our promotion on the pitch and in the stands with our team.

Favourite player of all time who played for your club: The legend -Steve Fletcher. He was instrumental in turning around the fortunes of the club. He brought a positive attitude to the team and supporters

About our forthcoming match against you:

Both clubs are playing to win today. Each have a goal. Leicester – to play well for their supporters and Bournemouth to finish at their highest position ever.  

Your favourite current player in your squad and why?

Steve Cook. He has improved beyond belief.  He has become the leader of the back four and has surprised me this year with his consistently high performances week in and week out

Player in your squad we should most fear and why?

Josh King. He's on a great run at the moment and is scoring in virtually every game he plays. He's confidence is sky high!

Player in our squad you most fear and why?  

Jamie Vardy is our worry because of his pace and determination

Up and coming prospect in your squad?  

Lewis Cook, although he will be missing to week as he is with the England under 20's squad!

How important is it for you to try to finish above Southampton?

It would be good to finish above Southampton but it's not our overriding objective.

How do you think you’ll do against us?

I think it will be a tough match as Leicester will want to sign off with a win. We have a long list of injuries so a draw would be a good result.

General Questions:

What did you think of the transfer activity both in and out of your club this season?

A mix picture. Some of the 'big money' signings have not been as successful as we would have hoped.

Which of the teams that were relegated would you have predicted to go down?

No surprise that 2 out of 3 were teams promoted from the season before.

Describe your season in ten words or less: 

The Bournemouth dream continues.

How do you think you will do next season?

The key will be to keep Eddie Howe as manager.

Any other comments?

Just want to take the final opportunity to congratulate you on a brilliant season last year winning the league.

Looking forward to a great end of season game.