The Foxes Trust was one of over 200 club fans organisations across Europe who along with national supporter organisations signed a statement opposing the formation of a European Super League and was published by Football Supporters Europe

“We are all united in our opposition to the creation of a European Super League—an unpopular, illegitimate, and dangerous scheme in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of fans.   

It would destroy the European model of sport, which is based on commonly accepted principles such as sporting merit, promotion and relegation, qualification to European competitions via domestic success, and financial solidarity. In the process, it would also undermine the economic foundations of European football, concentrating even more wealth and power in the hands of a dozen or so elite clubs.

We recognise that the game is in desperate need of broad reform. But proposals to this end must seek to revive the competitive balance in European competitions, protect domestic leagues, promote the interests of fans, and encourage fairer revenue distribution. A European Super League would achieve none of these objectives—quite the opposite.”

Sporting Merit & European Competitions

The reasoning behind a closed breakaway league is simple: it allows big clubs to succeed off the pitch even when they fail on it. It is anti-competitive by design. It does away with the magic of the cup, snatches the dream of seeing your club play in Europe, and goes against the very spirit of the game.  

This approach is profoundly unjust and counterproductive. We believe all clubs must have an equal opportunity to qualify for European competitions based on hard work, determination, and skill, not the size of their balance sheet or past glories.

Protect Domestic Competitions

A Super League would further undercut domestic competitions, exacerbating existing inequalities within and between leagues—in part by adding more European games to an already congested calendar and giving the wealthiest clubs an even bigger advantage through increased revenue.

We care first and foremost about how our clubs fare in domestic leagues and cups. We refuse to let them become second class competitions. We want to strengthen, not weaken them.

Defend Fans & Fan Culture

The pandemic has shown yet again how crucial fans are to the spectacle and survival of football, from the Champions League to the amateur game. We have supported clubs—financially and otherwise—despite not being able to attend games and suffering the effects of an economic crisis in our everyday lives.

This solidarity should be recognised, not exploited. There are limits to the amount of time and money fans can invest in football, and a Super League pushes well beyond them.

We do not want or need more European games. And we are tired of paying for the fantasy of ever-increasing wages, transfer fees, and profits, as well as the financial mismanagement of some.

Fairer Revenue Distribution & Sustainability

The current economic model of European football is deeply flawed. A handful of clubs are awash in money, while a significant number have too little, and in many countries the grassroots game teeters on the brink of collapse. A Super League would make this situation much worse by allowing big clubs to monopolise profits and endangering the existing solidarity and redistribution system. 

We want a more equitable distribution of European football revenue to protect all leagues and clubs, making them more competitive at the domestic and European levels.

Dialogue with Fans & Other Stakeholders

A Super League would make European football more unequal, less competitive, and, ultimately, unsustainable. While reform is needed, it should not come in the shape of an ultimatum from wealthy clubs seeking to benefit from an unprecedented public health crisis.

We therefore call for meaningful multi-stakeholder consultation on any proposals to restructure the European game, including fans and their representatives.

We will also closely monitor all attempts to change the existing format of European club competitions, measuring them against the principles outlined above, and will further oppose any attempts to impose a Super League by the backdoor. “

The full list of fans groups who signed the statement is available here