Foxes Trust Announce Addition to the Board

At the recent AGM it was announced that Kate Thompson has been elected to the board, taking on the role of leading all matters relating to the Leicester City’s heritage

Kate is an archivist, previously serving as the county archivist for both Leicestershire and Hertfordshire. Kate all advised LCFC club historian John Hutchinson on classifying and cataloguing archives during the time that John was creating a full and complete record of the many documents and artifacts that the club had collected and individual fans had donated to the club over the years, elements of which have been seen at a series of exhibitions since John started the role

Commenting on Kate joining the board. Trust Chairman Ian Bason said “We are delighted Kate stood for election expressing her desire to take on the heritage role. With the second phase of development planned for our old Filbert Street home and the ambitious King Power stadium site expansion plans approaching in the near future, it was important that we had a board member leading heritage activity and ensuring the clubs history was a key part of both sites.”

The Trust has had a long-term aim of a physical LCFC museum being created, so fans have regular access to elements of Leicester City (and Fosse) history.

At the AGM it was also announced that Dave and Di Statham, along with Ian Bason were also re-elected to the Trust board

The Trust Board would also like to thank Colin Murrant, who decided not to re-stand, for his contribution to the board over the years he served, in particular coordinating communication between the other fans groups and developing the relationship with Leicester City in the Community