Trust Encourage Participation In EuroFit Programme

Foxes Trust are actively seeking to work closer with Leicester City in The Community (LCitC). Recently LCitC announced the rerun of its EuroFit Programme,

We would urge all to consider if the programme suits their needs, if you think it might be for you then you may be encouraged by Martin’s story.

My EuroFIT Experience – Martin Spencer (2nd from left, participant in the very first EuroFIT)

I was an office worker approaching 60 years of age and I was overweight, unfit and a real couch potato.

I desperately wanted to change to a more healthy lifestyle but did not want the intensity of going to the gym. I also needed advice on diet and nutrition and wanted to be sitting down less.

It was February 2018 and a good friend advised me of a 12 week health programme, called EuroFIT that the Leicester City Community Trust were providing and would I like to join him?

I thought it would help me achieve my goals and with sessions being held at the King Power Stadium, it ticked all my boxes. The home of the football club I have loved all my life. What could be better?

I enrolled and it has absolutely transformed my life.

There were 20 of us that enrolled, all with the same goals in mind, the majority of participants are good friends to this day and we went on a journey of learning how to eat and drink healthier and exercise more but not in a too strenuous manner.

We all lost weight (I lost half a stone, but many lost more) and some inches off our waists.

We exercised in the stadium’s concourses, walked around the pitch and around the outside of the stadium, walked up and down the stands and we played walking football in the club car park. Step counters were provided and we were set goals to increase our step count on a weekly basis, both at our sessions and during the course of the week ahead.

This was all done under the careful eye of LCFC Community Manager Matt Bray who was amazing in so far as he was knowledgeable, a good fitness and nutrition coach and he did not ask us to do anything that was beyond us. He took an interest in us all as individuals which everyone appreciated.

At the end of the course and as a reward for our commitment and hard work, Matt arranged for us all to have the opportunity and thrill of playing walking football on the pitch at the King Power Stadium, something that we will all hold as a treasured memory forever.

Since the end of our EuroFIT experience, many of the participants of the course have continued to meet up and play walking football on a weekly basis.

For people like me who wanted to make a change to a healthier lifestyle and are Leicester City supporters, I could not recommend this course more. It is one of the best things I have ever done and I hope to continue to exercise and eat and drink healthier for the rest of my life.