Oppos Viewpoint – Shrewsbury

Name: Conor Stockdale

Current home town:   Shrewsbury 

Birthplace:  Shrewsbury

How long have you supported your team?  All of my life/25 years

Overview of your club:

Favourite thing about your home ground:  The atmosphere

Favourite match played by your team & why:  The 2-1 victory against Everton at the gay meadow in 2001. A great performance against a strong premier league opposition 

Favourite player of all time who played for your club:  Sir Arthur Rowley- scored loads of goals for us (Editor’s note having scored 251 goals in 301 appearances for LCFC between 1950-58, he became player manager for Shrewsbury scoring 152 goals in 236 appearances between 1958 – 65 before retiring and managing Shrewsbury for a further 4 years)

About our forthcoming match against you:

Looking forward to it, making the long trip down but definitely worth it 

Your favourite current player in your squad and why? James Collins. He's been here before and got the job done for us in this league and he's already made a strong start with 3 league goals to his name already

Player in your squad we should most fear and why?  James Collins because he is a real threat to your goal

Player in our squad you most fear and why?  David Nugent. Knows exactly where the goal is and is a proven goal scorer

Up and coming prospect in your squad? Callum Burton, already played for England at several youth levels

Where do you think you’ll finish this season?  4th with promotion via the play-offs 

How do you think you’ll do against us?  I personally think we'll snatch a 0-1 victory.