4 Years Ago

Any fans with a social media accounts will have seen numerous recollections over this weekend about our club clinching the title on May 2nd when all eyes were on a game in London which we didn’t even play in and the players party that followed straight afterwards at Jamie Vardy’s house.

However, there is no doubt the title was won by a season of great team performances which broke the stranglehold the “big six” (and even some of them hadn’t won the title) had on the Premier League

We think this Guardian feature piece from the time, which features interviews with the Birch, club historian John Hutchinson and Foxes Trust founder member Lynn Wyeth gives an good overview of the achievement while recognising that the club faced possible extinction only 13 seasons earlier

Missing LCFC and Keeping Safe

While we are sure everyone reading this article is desperately missing their fix of football and wondering how long it will be before we see a player in an LCFC shirt kick a ball, most likely on TV or a football stream, and how much longer before we enter a King Power turnstile and reclaim our seats, our current priority is keeping safe and well

The Foxes Trust Board would like to pass on our best wishes to every LCFC fan during this difficult time and pass on our condolences to any LCFC fan who has lost a family member or friend to Covid 19

The Foxes Trust Board is contacting Trust members to check how they are doing during this time as well as having a chat about football if they would like to

For all members who have supplied an e-mail address, the board will be contacting them with further details before making the phone calls

Leicester City in the Community launch #Together1920 campaign

Leicester City in the Community staff are continuing to work towards positively impacting a number of people across the region in these current times by switching from face-to-face delivery to virtual interaction

The #Together1920, projects cover writing postcards to older City fans, to providing work resources for schoolchildren.

Staff are also volunteering with external organisations to help those in need

The Foxes Trust links with Leicester City in the Community focuses on older age groups activities

Then, Now and Forever participants have been sent postcards in the post, and will be constantly checked upon through phone calls and messages.

Fitness wise – Boccia challenges, steady steps instructional videos and a health and wellbeing workbook are also being developed for older participants and adults with disabilities, while Yoga videos are also in production for young, old and families

More details on a wide range of activities are available here

Time to Look Back

In these troubled times, the Foxes Trust felt we should lift our spirits by looking back at coverage of our club in periods of success

We start this series by encouraging fans to watch this BBC East Midlands edition broadcast after the 2015/16 Premier League Title was secured

Trust Welcomes Club’s Clarity on Ticketing Plans

The Foxes Trust approached Leicester City last week to understand and discuss their plans for season ticket sales for 2020/21 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting suspension of the current season.

Prior to the Club’s announcement on Monday this week, the Trust had a long discussion with the Club who outlined their plans, including delaying season ticket sales until such time as it is known when the next season will commence.  The discussion also covered how the Club plans to handle the remaining fixtures under various scenarios including the possibility of games behind closed doors.

They explained why they felt taking the final direct debit for this season was the fairest approach.  The Trust is pleased that the club is showing compassion should any fan be facing immediate financial hardship due to the current exceptional circumstances and encourages fans to contact the club if this is their situation.

The full details are available here https://www.lcfc.com/news/1650419/important-season-ticket-information-march-2020/press-release

The Trust understands that the next Premier League meeting will take place on Friday April 3rd, where the latest government guidance will be reviewed, and we would anticipate a further delay in the resumption of fixtures to be the likely outcome.

The Trust has fed back to the Club that if the behind closed doors fixture option looks likely to proceed, then it is vital that at least all season ticket holders have access to viewing the home games without the need to have a paid subscription to a multitude of channels.

The Trust will be working alongside fellow Trusts to campaign for free to air transmission of games and would expect political support to give a feel-good factor while fans observe the instruction to stay at home

During the discussion with the Trust, the Club expressed its desire to help local communities during this difficult time. If fans have any ideas in regards to community or questions it would like the Trust to raise with the club, then e-mail mail@foxestrust.com