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Foxes Trust Press Release 13/11/06

Following the news the bid for Leicester City Football Club by Milan Mandaric is to be put before shareholders prior to the match with Preston on Saturday the Foxes Trust are urgently seeking reassurances from Mr Mandaric on a number of key issues. The Foxes Trust welcomes the recent comments by Mr Mandaric that he recognises the important role the clubs' supporters have in the success of the football club.  

Foxes Trust Ian Bason commented "When the club came out of administration back in 2003 former Chairman Jon Holmes acknowledged the role played by supporters in saving the club & the importance of supporter representation at the highest level within the club. As a result the Trust holds an Observer role at all club Board meetings."  

Bason continued "Should Mr Mandaric's bid be successful the Trust urge him to, at the very least, continue to uphold this important commitment to the supporters of Leicester City. It is vital for the supporters at any club to have confidence in people running their football club. In recent months the Trust has held discussions with club Chairman Andrew Taylor with a view to facilitating a full Director position on the Board of Leicester City Football Club. We sincerely hope that similar discussions can be held with any new owners of the club at the earliest opportunity….


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Takeover Bid – Trust Update (2)

Prior to the Plymouth game, the Foxes Trust Board held an informal meeting for members which provided the opportunity for members to give their personal viewpoint on the current situation and question Trust board members about the latest position. The Trust board would like to thank members who came along or sent apologies and their viewpoint via e-mail. 

While many members primarily attended the meeting to gain information, a number of members expressed their reservations about the Mandaric bid, with particular reference made to his track record at other clubs where minimal cash investment took place. Other members expressed their disappointment with the coverage by the Leicester Mercury in particular the frequent reference to a £25m bid which led some members attending to believe it was a cash amount being offered. 

The Trust can confirm it will be attending the LCFC shareholders meeting on the morning of the Preston game, however the exact format of the meeting is yet to be finalised. The Trust board will meet later this week once the content of the shareholder meeting becomes clear. 

Picking up on questions being raised on message boards, a poster asked whether it was possible that Mandaric could own the club before the Preston game kicks off. This isn’t the case, as a due diligence process would commence if the shareholders agreed to a takeover, and this process normally takes around a month before completion. 

Over the last couple of days fans have started to look at other aspects of the potential takeover wondering what will happen to season tickets and match day prices should the Mandaric bid be successful. The Trust is involved in a Fans Consultative Committee Sub-Group focusing on this ticket prices for next season, with the early indications that match day prices could fall, while season tickets may be on sale much earlier, however all this could be completely reviewed if the takeover goes ahead.

Academy Under 18’s Excellent Season So Far

Matt Davis brings us the latest news from Belvoir Drive: 

Prior to today’s 1-1 draw against Spurs, Leicester City under 18’s had made it nine wins out of eleven with an emphatic 4-0 win against Wimbledon (sadly now officially known as MK Dons) last Saturday (4th November 2006).  Leicester City were 1-0 up at the break with a goal from England under 17 international Ashley Chambers. The second half saw Leicester City take full control with goals for Billy McKay, Joe Mattock (who is another England under 17 international) and Scott Lycett.  The win also achieved without influential midfielder Andy King who was away on International duty with Wales.  

Leicester City were five points clear of the pack in the Group B table after taking an incredible 28 points out of a maximum possible of 33 this season, (this lead was reduced to 3 points today) the highlight of which surely has to be the 4-1 triumph over last seasons champions Aston Villa.  Three players that have particularly caught the eye with their goal scoring attributes are Billy McKay and Max Gradel with 9 goals each, and Eric Odhiambo who has scored ten goals this season.  Eric of course made his first team debut recently in the Carling Cup match against Aston Villa.  

Copyright rules do not permit us to publish full details of forthcoming under 18’s fixtures, but the next home game at Belvoir Drive is against Bristol City on 18 November with a kick off time of 12:00 pm (leaving enough time to get to the first team match against Preston straight afterwards!).  A full list of fixtures can be found on the Leicester City web site. 

I’m sure Jon Rudkin and his team consisting of Steve Beaglehole, Trevor Peake & several part time coaches would love to see you there supporting our players of the future.   

Coming soon – an exclusive Foxes Trust in depth interview with Jon Rudkin. 

Takeover Bid – Trust Update

The role of the Foxes Trust is to act to ensure the long-term viability of the club and that is our prime concern with any potential future owner’s proposals. 

Over the last week the Foxes Trust Board has sought to question the large assumptions being made about the Milan Mandaric bid via media interviews and message board posts. 

This has been viewed by some fans as the Trust being anti Mandaric, this is not the case however it was in part to add balance to the coverage of current situation, where the Leicester Mercury articles, in particular Bill Anderson’s, appear to be very pro Milan Mandaric. 

The “£25m” bid, which was first utilised by a journalist known to work closely with Milan Mandaric, has continually been utilised by the media ever since. Both Milan Mandaric and the Leicester City board have not provided any breakdown of the bid, and as “other options” are being discussed, this is quite understandable, however the Trust Board feels it is important for fans to have a more in depth understanding of what this (or any other bid entails).

For the Milan Mandaric bid it has been stated that the shareholders will get their money back, and although the timing of payment appears still in negotiation, that accounts for around £6.4m….

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Football In the Community Part 2

Today we feature the second article of the series where Trust Board Member Matt Davis looks at the work of the Football In The Community (FITC) via a question and answer session with Craig White who manages the scheme. 

How is it funded and who are you employed by?It is important for supporters to realise that we are totally self financing and independent from the football club. We have a totally separate bank account and rely on generating our own income (from our 80-100 courses etc) and from grant funding from several organisations including:

  • The football in the community umbrella organisation
  • The FA
  • The Football League
  • Leicester City Football Club
  • Various sponsors we manage to pick up on the way!


Can you describe a typical day?

To be honest, as manager, my day is spent juggling a number of skill areas in order to make sure we continue to be successful in all that we do.  Examples of this include:

  • Accountancy (to manage the tight constraints of our budget)
  • Marketing (promoting all that we do)
  •  Public Relations (with all parties we interject with)
  •  Obtaining Grant Funding (including filling in the long complicated forms)
  •  Registering children on courses & ensuring we have coaches for courses etc
  •  Organising prizes and certificates for children who attend
  •  Organising venues for future courses etc……..

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