Focus On LCFC Chaplain Continues….

Today is part two of our look at what being the club Chaplain at LCFC involves, Bruce Nadin continues to explain: 

Without naming individuals (or being too specific) can you give us a couple of examples of how you have helped players since taking up the role?

Obviously player names etc must remain confidential and likewise I wouldn’t disclose anything that is specific to a particular player, but generic examples would be: 

·          Player(s) who suffered career threatening injuries and wanted to discuss how they are feeling about the future

·          Player(s), but obviously by nature especially Academy Players, who are home sick and/or face an uncertain future

·          Player(s) who want to know, for example, where the nearest Catholic Church is

·          Players who are struggling with the reaction of the crowd  

Has a player ever stated to you that their confidence was being affected by the crowd getting on the players back & if so what do you advise? 

Firstly let me say that we all tend to forget that players are human beings and have feelings. They are flesh and blood like the rest of us. Whilst I can understand the crowd’s reaction as paying supporters, is ‘heckling’ really going to help a player perform to the best of their ability? I’d be a hypocrite though to say that I haven’t done it. I’m a very passionate, enthusiastic and vocal supporter. I’ve got a ‘big gob’! As a result I have sometimes responded negatively (and I believe unhelpfully) towards a player…… 

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Supporters Direct – Midlands Regional Conference 2006

Today we commence a series of articles reviewing the 2006 Midlands Trust conference held in July. As LCFC have a rest from football, we felt now was the time to give LCFC fans a flavour of proceedings.


Without wishing to bore trust members with precise details and history lessons, for the purposes of this article it is suffice to say that Supporters Direct is the umbrella organisation for supporters trusts (more precise details can be found on the supporter direct website at  

On an annual basis all the Midlands Trust meet at an annual conference to share experiences and listen to a variety of speakers from football across the UK to gain further insights into how supporter’s interests can be ingrained into the running of a football club. 

The Conference:

Introduction & opening plenaryThe introductions were made by two representatives of the co-op organisation (Dave Roberts & Bob Ramsey) before promptly moving on to the opening plenary. This was humorously chaired by Brain Lomax, chair of Supporters Direct with talks from the following:…..

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Kisnorbo Stars in Dour Victory


City fans came to the match reasonably optimistic after improved performances since the Burnley horror show at The Walkers. O’Grady came in the side from the start with Hume on the bench. Tiatto was selected instead of Porter- a decision not universally acclaimed. 

We kicked off 4 minutes late as the Southend players were late taking the field. If Daryll Hair had been the referee we would have been awarded the match and we could all have gone off to the pub! As it was, City started in a low tempo uninspired fashion against a well drilled Southend side. 

Southend missed a sitter in the 27th minute after a Tiatto mistake and good play by Southend’s little winger who gave Johannson a difficult time all afternoon. O’ Grady had a half hit shot but generally our midfield again lack creativity and we continued to hit long balls down the line from the back, bypassing midfield. Fryatt and O’Grady had to resort to working for scraps of possession instead of receiving balls to feet. 

Towards the end of the half City’s passing improved. During this period of pressure we won a corner. Tiatto whipped in a good dead ball and Kisnorbo stormed in late to send a good header high into the net. The corner proved to be Tiatto’s last (and only?) meaningful contribution to the game and he did not appear for the send half…..


  Picture courtesy of Raymonds/

Kisnorbo celebrates netting his goal…..


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Legends Turn Out For Callum, Connor & Jack

On Sunday afternoon a host of City legends took on a Guest XI Aylestone Park FC in aid of Callum, Connor & Jack Smith, three young lads diagnosed with a rare terminal illness ALD, which attacks the brain and central nervous system.  

The Legends, led by Ali Mauchlen included former team mates Gary Mills, Paul Ramsey, Paul Reid & Jimmy Quinn while Matty Elliot & Gerry Taggart renewed their central defensive partnership in front of keeper Carl Muggleton. 

reidred.jpg Gary Mills


matty_ taggsred.jpg Paul Ramsey

The opening exchanges were keenly contested with the Guest XI including a number of Senior League players keen to give a good account of themselves against their more skilful, if somewhat older opponents…. 

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Community Day Review

Due to some technical problems with our old website following a hacker attack, a few website articles were written but not published, so for information we are publishing over the coming week while LCFC has no fixtures 


Foxes Trust Review of Leicester City Community Day30 July 2006 from 12pm – 4 pm 

This was an excellent free admission curtain raiser to the season as the club open up its doors to the community. The activities advertised included the Leicestershire and Rutland County Royal British Legion Pipe Band, A Community Cup (with the winners having the right to play at the stadium), Various Community Related Displays/Presentations, Leicester Sound DJ along with the Black Thunder Crew, Disability football display, Fun fair, Bouncy Castle, Children’s Activities and Face Painting 

In addition to the above, the most popular two activities were

A first team squad autograph session

A behind the scenes tour of the tunnel area and changing rooms…..

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