2nd Half Performance = Zero Points


It was a warm and pleasant afternoon.  The journey by train from Leicester via Birmingham New Street, Moor Street to The Hawthorns was simple, uneventful and cheap. 

The mood was quiet and relaxed.  The Home team and their supporters were not in bullish form.  The general impression, however, was that this was a bigger club than Leicester and a more determined, slightly resigned, following, mildly sceptical of their manager’s abilities and outlook. 

The first half had a restrained tone.  Neither side gave the impression of trying too hard.  John Hartson was out for an afternoon stroll and Kevin Phillips menaced, but appeared to be finding his feet rather than using them.  Matty Fryatt demonstrated his ability to turn a defender on a couple of occasions, but these were solitary efforts.  

No sign of a decent through ball from any Leicester player.  Chris O’Grady is quick, but his first touch is less than something to point out to your children.  Andy Johnson looks like a selection with a very short future.   Joshua Low danced around on his toes, but affected the outcome not one jot.  Paul Henderson had plenty to do and did it with style and accomplishment….

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Midlands Regional Conference 2006

This is the final article looking back at the Supporters Direct organised Midlands Regional Conference which was held at the Walkers Stadium during July.

Closing Debate:

The closing debate focused on clubs in the community with particular emphasis on how we identify our ‘community’ and then how we interact with it.  Chaired by Chris Egerton of BBC Radio Leicester, the following personnel were on the debating panel:

David Taylor – MP for North West Leicestershire AND Foxes Trust Member, Brian Burgess – Bees United & Brentford FC, Darren Bernstein – Football League, Dave Boyle – Deputy Chief Executive of Supporters Direct, and our very own Craig White – LCFC Football in the Community Officer* 

* – Many thanks to Craig who postponed his holiday by one day in order to attend 

Again lessons were learnt and healthy debate between the panel and delegates took place. 

Close of conference:

The conference closed and the cash bar opened in order to allow valuable continued discussion and networking in an informal environment!!! And finally:Should you wish to know more about the conference, please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address: [email protected]  

John Adcock’s Personal View of the Midlands Conference…..

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LCFC Chaplain Focus Continues….

In the third article in the series which looks at the work of LCFC Club Chaplain, Bruce Nadin, we ask him about his time commitments and his views on Sunday football.

How much of your time does the post of club Chaplain take up? 

Excluding match days, it is very roughly up to ten hours per week in the season.  Friday is my main actual day of attendance.  For the first two hours of the day I will be at the stadium visiting the offices and chatting to the staff. After that I will go to the training ground where I arrive just before the players come off the pitch.  I will then go to the physiotherapy room and speak with the injured players.  The remainder of the day will be spent at the training ground undertaking my duties as well as basically ‘building bridges’ and making myself available to anyone who might want to chat. 

In addition to this, as well as attending first team games, I also attend the home reserve and academy games as much as possible.  Attendance at the academy games is something that is really appreciated by both the lads and the parents alike…..

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Fan Consultative Committee – What Happened

Minutes of Meeting held on 1st August 2006

In attendance:

Tim Davies, Andrew Taylor, Andrew Neville, Peter Jones (all LCFC)

Linda Barron, Ellen Bale, Raj Kumar,  Andy Gubbins, Steve Robertshaw, Lisa Hunt, Kevin Bunney, Andy Wilford, Chris Gubbins, Alan Digby, Cliff Ginnetta, Kevin Bourgault, Alan Green, Barbara Merrell 

1. Tim Davies welcomed everyone to the meeting and each person gave a brief introduction. 

2. Apologies for absence had been received from Simon Winfield.

3. The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed as a true and correct record. 

4. It was agreed that matters arising would be dealt with during the meeting.  

5. Andrew TaylorAndrew reflected on the 2005-2006 season and his thoughts for the new season. He talked about the manager and players and he hoped that the promise of the squad would be transferred into results on the field. 

He spoke about the club needing to be a sales lead organisation connecting with our supporters and customers. Season tickets showed that we were losing customers from previous seasons. We need to gain access to the lapsed customers. We need to connect with our supporters and felt we had work to do in that area. He answered questions from members of the committee….

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Trust Midlands Regional Conference 2006 Workshops

The second of our articles on the Supporters Direct organised Midlands Regional Conference concentrates on the various topics covered by the series of workshops. 

Workshop 2:

This was entitled Trust AGM & Election and was headed up by Dave Boyle Deputy Chief Executive of Supporters Direct.  It covered practical advice relating to Supporters Direct policy on good practice and planning for the annual vital and important meeting for all supporters trusts.  For further details on this workshop please refer to the separate article on the conference by John Adcock, who has written a brief resume of this workshop. 

Workshop 3:

Entitled from the Terrace to the Boardroom this basically covered what it means to operate a football club and dealt with the evolution from being a supporter to owning and running the Club.  This evolution has taken place, to various degrees, at the following clubs/associated speakers: 

Phil Tooley – Chair Chesterfield Football Supporter Society, Paul Hajduck – Chair Rushden & Diamonds Supporters Trust, Lee Carter – Chairman AFC Telford United, Anthony Goodwin – Chair Telford United Supporters Trust 

The main reason for me personally wishing to attend this workshop is that all these representative have now figuratively speaking turned from ‘poacher’ to ‘gamekeeper’ and so I was most interested to ascertain how the roles differed and how I could relate that to the role played by Tim Davies and Andrew Taylor at our own club.  It helped me see the wider aspects that make up running a football club.  I was pleased to note that the overall message to come out was how the club must ‘talk, talk, talk’ to its key stakeholder i.e. the fans themselves……

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