Season Ticket Survey Results

Our survey of Season & Match ticket prices is now complete. Both Trust members & non-members took part in our survey. 

In this article we concentrate primarily on the views of Season Ticket holders, though a full breakdown of the results of the survey of Season Ticket holders can be found at the bottom of this article. 

In our survey the vast majority of those who took part were season ticket holders (76%) of which almost half (45%) have been season ticket holders for over 10 years. Perhaps not surprisingly then the majority of season ticket holders are over the age of 41 (53%). Less than 15% of season ticket holders surveyed gave their age as being under 30. 

There is no comfort either for the club in the typical age of fans purchasing individual match tickets as similar figures were recorded. This reflects the trend nationally that football crowds are getting older with fewer & fewer younger football fans now supporting their local club. Previous studies have shown that Leicester is one of the clubs with a greater problem than the majority of clubs in failing to attract the 15 – 29 age group. 

Clubs like City are dependent on younger fans coming through the turnstiles regularly to carry on the tradition of supporting City. The club has made some strides in combating this with free season tickets for under 8’s. But our figures would suggest that once parents begin to pay full juvenile prices for two or three U’16’s then something has to give. Coming to support City regularly is a cost they simply cannot afford……

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Season & Match Ticket Pricing – Give Your Views

Over the past couple of days Trust members have been emailing us their views on Season Ticket & Match Ticket prices. This was after volunteers from the Trust canvassed the views of fans outside the stadium prior to last Saturday’s match with QPR. 

Now we want to give fans that are not members of the Trust who were not able to speak to us on Saturday an opportunity to send us their views. 

Earlier this week the club carried quotes from Milan Mandaric stating that he would like fans to email the club with their views on Season Ticket prices & we applaud this direct consultation between the club & it’s supporters. However we would still ask that fans also continue to submit their views to us as these can be added to those already received so far. 

We also ask fans emailing the club to consider also either forwarding their emails to us or copy the Trust into their email using the following email address  

Similarly fans completing the Trust survey can copy the email to the club using the following email address  

Below is the survey the Trust has been compiling over the past few days.  

Please take a few minutes to email me at with the answers that most closely reflect your views. 

If you are a Season Ticket Holder please only complete Section 1 

However if you are non-season ticket holder & purchase individual match tickets please only complete Section 2. 

If you are fan who has not attended a home game for several seasons we would still like your views by completing the first part of Section 2. 

The Trust will be producing an overall summary of our survey and presenting this to the club detailing views on both season & match ticket prices, the analysis will also be presented by age bracket as we continue to lobby the club to encourage attendance of the next generation of fans.

Survey follows….

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Draw or Penalty Shoot Out?

The Football League chairmen have established a working party to look at the possibility of introducing penalty shoot-outs to decide on a “bonus point” where League matches in all three divisions end in a draw.

The winner of the shoot out would get a bonus point, leaving them with two points and the loser of the shoot-out with one. Three points would still be awarded to a team winning the game in normal time as now.

There has been little or no supporter consultation on this idea, therefore the Football Supporters Federation (the Foxes Trust is a member of the FSF) has set up an on-line poll to gather the opinion of fans.

Have a read of the article and then you can vote here







This was a dreadful match between two dreadful teams, both rightly involved at the wrong end of the Championship table.  

The pre-match omens were not good with McAuley and Porter both unavailable. As it turned out the absence of the former was pivotal in the nature of City's defeat and Levi's absence simply showed that although he is physically disadvantaged at this level he is a much better prospect than Yeates. 

The first half was a continuation of the second half against Leeds. We had the vast majority of the possession but never really looked like scoring. Hume, our best player by a long way, was lively throughout but could not break them down on his own.  

A free kick was well saved by Camp, on loan from Derby; a fortieth minute effort during our best spell of pressure was blocked by the QPR defence and an earlier long shot was comfortably saved. Apart from this we only threatened when Horsfield failed with a poor header from an excellent Yeates cross, which unfortunately turned out to be his only major contribution.  

Horsfield was almost anonymous throughout and clearly has no part to play in next season's promotion push. I hope this will be from the Championship but if we continue to play so badly it could be from Division 1. We have a tough run-in and will not gain many more points with the current squad. When we are bad we are very, very bad and the frequent, deserved chants of 'What a load of rubbish' showed how bad we were. 

There was a big clue just before half-time when City's defence panicked and after a spell of pin-table richochets the ball inevitably fell to one of their strikers, the gigantic Nygaard. He had been hopeless up to this point and in keeping with his earlier play he hit the best chance of the half well wide. Who would have thought that in the second half this most limited of players would turn out to be the most influential player on the pitch?…..

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Steve Smith Quiz Night & Disco 2007

For those of you who don’t know Steve, he was one of the founder board members of the Foxes Trust. In December 2005 he suffered a massive stroke which left him unable to walk, use his right arm or speak. He was 37, married, and has three young sons. 

Since his stroke, Steve has been having physio and speech therapy several times each week. He is now able to walk and has a limited vocabulary, which is an amazing achievement in just over a year.However, he has just been told that his NHS physio is to stop and so this will now need to be privately funded in order for him to continue to improve. This will cost approximately £5000 each year. 

To help contribute towards this expense, a Quiz Night and Disco is being held on Friday 25th May 2007 at The 1884 Sports Bar which is at the Walkers Stadium, from 8pm until 1am.

Teams participating in the quiz must contain a maximum of 6 members. Tickets for the event are £10 each and every penny will go directly to Steve’s fund.

You can purchase tickets from the Foxes Trust office located at the ground, directions can be found here: 

Tickets will only be available prior to the Derby game (6th April) 1.15 – 2.15pm and the Norwich game (14th April) 1.30- 2.30pm…..

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