Please join with us to fight online abuse – if you see it, report it

In recent weeks the Foxes Trust has been working with the FSA and other supporter groups to maintain momentum in the fight against online abuse which is sadly aimed at footballers and others in the football community.

Online abuse has been very topical with many high-profile cases, the Euros final clearly brought it to the forefront again.

Good progress has been raised in securing greater awareness of the problem and the Government has recently introduced a Bill into Parliament that will take more action.

But as the new season begins we want to enable all fans to play a part, and the most important thing that can be done is to report any abuse that you see and call on the social media companies to remove it.

In the next few weeks we will be reinforcing this message and we call on Leicester fans, and football fans everywhere, to join in by not only reporting the abuse but raising awareness of how to do that.

This is the season – to end online abuse. If you see it, report it. Here’s how: #BlowTheWhistleOnAbuse

Every fan can play their part – if you see abuse, report it

The Foxes Trust Board