Going to the Wolves Game ? – Protect the LCFC Family !

Our club has published a guide to all fans attending the Wolves game on Saturday Are LCFC – Are You Match Ready ?

This will be the first time that LCFC fans can fill the stadium and get together since early March 2020 and it will be great to see fellow fans which we used to see many times a season, so re-uniting our large family

However fans have been protecting their blood relatives since the Covid epidemic began, the Foxes Trust backs the clubs advice for all fans to take a Lateral Flow Test before the game to protect their wider LCFC family and keep away from the game if a positive test result is given.

Many fans will already have Lateral Flow Tests at home due to requirements of their employers, while kits are readily available to collect at chemists and are free.

You can have Covid 19 without having symptoms, please don’t inadvertently share the virus with fellow fans by failing to take a test prior to the game

Thank You

The Foxes Trust Board