Fan-Led Review – Living up to its Name

The Foxes Trust contributed directly to the Fan-Led Review by presenting to the panel on Monday evening, as one of 6 Premier League Fans Groups who were asked to make presentations.

Foxes Trust members will be able to read the evidence we submitted in the next members newsletter, however an overview of the session is available here

This followed on from presentation from Championship Fans Groups on June 8th summary available here

On Tuesday 15th it was the turn of League One and Two fans summary available here

This was followed on the 16th by Fans For Diversity summary available here

Several Premier League Trusts also made separate presentations, mainly fans from clubs who briefly were about to join the European Super League plus Newcastle where the club’s willingness to have dialogue with their fans groups is always been challenging.

The Football Supporters Association have presented very detailed proposals which runs to over 200 pages.

Also on Monday night, MPs debated two petitions to Parliament calling for the introduction of an independent football regulator and the “50+1” rule into the UK game. The session was led by Jonathan Gullis MP who met with the Foxes Trust last week and indeed made reference to it in the early minutes of the debate.

The entire debate is available here with all attending in favour of independent regulation. During the debate Jane Hunt, MP for Loughborough and the surrounding area, shared the views of the Foxes Trust, Jane’s contribution starts at around 47 minutes.