The Foxes Trust Premier League

The FTPL predictor game came to an exciting climax at the end of Week 38 fixtures as Ultrafox came from third place to snatch the title. Going into the last round of fixtures, Ultrafox trailed the leader Werdy by 40 points and second place Random Dodgers by 20 points. But the winner overturned that deficit to win by 10 points scoring a final day 85 as Werdy scored 35 and Dodgers -30.

The participants that achieved European Qualification

What would have been interesting to see would have been the change in league positions as they fluctuated throughout the final round of matches as the goals went in: a ‘SKY Sports’ type update, sorry, I am getting carried away.

Ultrafox finished nationally in 982nd position out of 36051 players and 6th out of all the declared Leicester fans – I am keen to say I am no nerd wading through endless data, you can look it up easily on the Iknowthescore website. The national winner, Steponthefabregas, scored 2670 points, winning by an impressive 75 points.

As a League, FTPL finished a credible 47th out of 2302 mini-leagues with a total score of 14570 points: Barcelona99 came 1st by 15 points with a score of 16285.

FTPL started the season with 46 players and about 33 resilient ones were still active to the final fixtures. Some of those who stopped predicting did so early as they either performed badly or lost interest; a few more did not continue after lockdown as the fixtures resumed in June.

To all who took part a big ‘Thank You’, congratulations to Ultrafox, and please keep in touch with to see when we launch next season’s League ahead of the EPL start. That should only be about 6 weeks away as the 2020/21 Season is due to start on September 12th so, please enjoy the summer and hopefully you will join us again.