Match Report by Trust Member – Eddie Blount

On the evidence of the first two games those who thought we were involved in a difficult relegation struggle last season ain't seen nothing yet. The performance against Burnley was straight from the darkest days of Craig Levein's reign and thoroughly deserved the boos of the crowd at both half- and full-time. In short it was truly pathetic.

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Subs Make the Difference

Report by Trust Member – Graham Tracey

I don't normally do friendlies, but as I work in Manchester and with it being a pleasant evening I thought this one was worth a shout. Credit to those who had traveled up from Leicester, there must have been about 200 in our end. For the first time in 3 years we haven't brought in a whole new squad this summer, which makes me feel a lot better about the coming season. Stability at last I hope.
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LCFC Chairman on Ground Sharing

This latest article featuring Leicester City Chairman Andrew Taylor answering questions raised by Trust Members focuses solely on the issue of Ground Sharing with the Tigers. First the diverse views expressed through the phrasing of the questions from our members, followed by Andrew’s response.

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Newsflash 3

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