Sing Your Heart Out For The Lads….

The last home game featured a trial run of having a singing section in Block N, to help improve atmosphere at the ground. While the combined factors of the arrival of Milan Mandaric, the first half performance and playing local M69 rivals obviously were all significant factors in the increased volume, generally the experiment initially appears to have been a success leading to extending the trial to this weekends game against West Brom. 

The Trust supports any initiative which helps create a better atmosphere in the ground and in doing so makes the ground harder to visit for opposing teams. We asked one of the organisers of this initiative to give his views of the first trial, here is Andy Hunt’s report. 

“After having met the club’s officials a week prior to the match against Coventry and the green light being given about a singing section in Block N, it was a relief finally when Saturday came to make the singing section a reality. The singing section had been well-publicised by the football club on the official website and the story even ran in The Leicester Mercury, which heightened expectation and increased popularity in the idea. As the days elapsed prior to the match, tickets for the game were selling well and the club were expecting a crowd in excess of 25,000. Block N was also in demand and few seats were available by Saturday. 

When I ascended the steps in Block N half an hour before kick-off, for the first time I can remember since the construction of The Walkers Stadium in 2002, there was singing at the back of the stand amongst an effervescent group of early arrivals. The atmosphere was excellent and it soon drew the attention of several Coventry supporters who then attempted to encroach towards the Leicester fans and engage in some banter….

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Side Give Milan Perfect Start

City 3 Coventry 0 – Sat 17th Feb 2007  

We all sat round and applauded as ’The New Saviour’ appeared with an embarrassed looking grandson, who was paraded around the pitch and cuddled by ‘the Birch’ and encouraged to speak to the crowd.

I am not sure why this whole thing makes me cringe so much, but it does, and not just me. I am sure that the level of applause shows some reluctance from large sections of the crowd. Cynics? Without doubt.  Still we know that we need his money and showing by the performance of this match we are on the up! 

Everything was set for disaster, the mood was positive the players looked lively and ‘up for it’ but long memories have made us all twitchy and worried that ‘Cov’ might spoil our party. NOT FOR LONG. 

Within just a few minutes a nice lifted cross from Porter to Horsfield. A looped header which appeared to be headed off the line and the very nice linesman awarded us a goal, 1-0 and so soon. How were we going to defend the lead for 80 minutes?  

A few minutes later Johnson headed a cracker and we were 2-0 up. Johnson had his best game that I have seen, I don’t know whether he was trying harder knowing that ‘senior loan players ‘ are on the way or if Jarrett playing along side him had helped. Whatever reason the midfield looked solid. (I can almost celebrate that we now have a midfield because for a long time they have been absent). A lot more width with Porter and Yates exploiting space on the wings….

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Although a life-long City fan and season ticket holder, I moved to Suffolk 22 years ago and I could not remember the last time we had beaten Ipswich at Portman Road (apparently it was 19 years ago). Each year I go to this match, usually with friends and colleagues in the Ipswich part of the stand, and have to endure the annual humiliation and jokes at our expense. 

However, this time we won!! Fanfare and drum rolls! And, dare I say it, we deserved to win, outplayed and outmuscled Ipswich, particularly in the second half and, when we were 2-0 up with three minutes of injury time to go, I even started to feel confident! City fans will know what I mean…..  

Kelly chose to bring in new loan signings Yeates, Horsfield and Jarrett and, on a sticky pitch, the match started evenly with Jarrett starting to settle in to midfield. The match was quite open and Peters’ cross shot was well saved by Henderson. On the break Horsfield headed into the ground when in with a good chance and Hume had a shot saved on the break. 

Half way through the half City won a corner taken by Porter. McAuley headed in low from close range and the ball seemed to skid through the legs of the Ipswich goalie and defender on the line. Ipswich had a few chances afterwards and Hume had a tremendous shot on the turn well saved by their keeper Price…..

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Trust Backs Mandaric Bid

Following recent confirmation from the Foxes Trust Board that they had received the relevant paperwork from Leicester City FC regarding the Milan Mandaric takeover bid, the Trust Board has today released the following statement. 

The Foxes Trust Board has today signed and submitted to the Leicester City FC Board the irrevocable undertaking documentation to sell its shares to UK Football Investments, LLC (the organisation created by Milan Mandaric to own LCFC). 

Trust Board Member Matt Davis commented "Until now the Trust has always stated we were neither for nor against the takeover by Milan Mandaric & wanted to view the final bid detail before making any commitment. At the same time we also wanted to make sure all other options had been fully considered, just as we did when there were rival consortiums seeking to take the club out of administration a few years ago” 

"The loss of parachute payments & falling attendances will, inevitably, mean the club urgently needs additional investment to be competitive in the Championship or risk losing our proud record of never being below 2nd tier football." 

Chairman Ian Bason stated “We have now concluded the Milan Mandaric bid offers the best short & medium term option for Leicester City Football Club to play competitive football at the highest possible level, in particular his years of experience of running a number of clubs is not matched by the board which has ran the club in recent years” 

“In our view the deal proposed by Mandaric is currently the only viable option for taking Leicester City Club forward. Ideally we would have liked to have had assurances on the issues we raised directly with Mandaric's representatives prior to the EGM in November before giving our support. However securing the deal is now of the utmost priority & urge all connected with the club and Mandaric’s representatives (even if the required % of shareholders support is not achieved initially) to ensure this prevails. Following the conclusion of the takeover we will then will be seeking to work closely with Mandaric to resolve the longer term issues we have raised.”

Foxes Trust Statement

The Foxes Trust Board confirms receipt of a document from Leicester FC relating to the takeover bid of Milan Mandaric. 

This document has a requirement to give a written commitment to the sale of the Trust’s shares to Milan Mandaric within a limited time frame. 

The Trust is currently completing it’s evaluation of the document. 

During the last week the Trust Board, as well as holding it’s own board meeting, has attended a further two meetings. 

On Wednesday night, LCFC shareholders had the opportunity to listen directly to Milan Mandaric as he outlined his plans for the future of the club and answered questions. Most of the Trust Board attended this meeting and raised several points 

On Thursday night, several of the Trust Board along with a number of shareholders attended a meeting at Grace Road where a discussion took place on alternative options to the Mandaric bid, again Trust Board members contributed to the discussions. 

Due to the confidential nature of each meeting, as outlined by the organisers in both cases the Trust Board cannot reveal in any greater depth the content of each meeting at this time. 

Attendance of both meetings was vital for the Trust Board as the final stages of deciding whether to back the Mandaric bid. 

The Trust Board will announce it’s decision within the next 48 hours.