Jimmy Nielsen Co-Writers Message to City Fans…

The Foxes Trust was contacted by Aalborg fan Jan Drilling, following the signing of Jimmy Nielsen last week,  in which he outlined Jimmy’s skills stating “He is among the absolute best in one-on-one situations, and he is the best goalkeeper in the Danish league at penalties. That is a fact well documented in statistics, he is remarkably quick on the line” 

Following further communication with Jan, the Trust has now received an article from John Laden who was co-writer of the book about Jimmy Nielson (1000 On Red) and works for Aalborg, here is John’s article 

Dear fans of Leicester City 

You have got yourself a new goalkeeper, and as I understand, you are not too happy*. Jimmy Nielsen is a gambler, and that seems to bother some of you guys. 

You are right, and you are not. Jimmy was a gambler, but he is not anymore. In his book 1000 On Red he tells about a gamblers nightmare, but he also tells the story about getting out of his gambling life, and paying everybody every penny they had put into him. 

But who is Jimmy Nielsen. First of all he is tremendous goalkeeper. In his youngest years he was called the new Schmeichel, and he has the talent, that’s for sure. But he has not fully lived up to Peter Schmeichel on the pitch. If he had, he would be playing for Chelsea or Manchester United today, but anyways he is a very fine and experienced stopper. He is best on the line. In Denmark strikers hate to be alone with Jimmy. He beats them time after time. He is scaring on penalties. Many times he has saved his team by saving penalties in his almost 11 years on the best team in Denmark, Aalborg BK…..

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The New Signings Book Opens at the N page

So following weeks of speculation, our club has today started the complete re-build of the playing squad with the aim of achieving Milan Mandaric’s vision of being back in the Premiership within 3 years. 

It is open to speculation, who played what role in signing both Bruno N'Gotty and Jimmy Nielsen on 2 year deals for Leicester City. Certainly Bruno (a fans old chant is about to be re-awakened) spoke in his first interview about the conversation he had with Milan Mandaric, and Bruno’s potential signature was in the media long before Martin Allen’s name featured in the press list of potential new managers. 

The third person to join the club today, Sports Director Don Mackay, having previously carried out extensive scouting overseas, may have identified Jimmy Nielsen’s talents, although Nielson was first linked with our club when Craig Levein was in charge in 2004. 

A more detailed look at our new signings…

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Announcement Imminent – More Members View

As the announcement of Martin Allen as the next Leicester City Manager is widely expected at 11am Friday 25th May, this is the final article giving the new of Foxes Trust members on who they felt the best choice for manager would be. 

Managers I'd like – names like Coleman, Jewel, Davies.  Basically an English / British manager who will look to pack the squad with British players and look to build on the good young players we have (Porter/Stearman/Mattock) and those coming through.  

Good record of signing players so money is not wasted like a certain Peter Taylor.  And not a manager who wants loads of foreign players like at Bolton or Arsenal – Gary Lovell. 

Chris Coleman – A success at Fulham and unlucky to be sacked – Kathryn McCubbin 

Views received after first news on an approach to MK Dons to speak to Martin Allen 

Your list of possible managers and questions show just how difficult the selection is. Am I too demanding and unrealistic because I do have problems with so many of the people on the list, although it is extensive. I gather from today's statement that Martin Allen is coming to the fore, however I will continue with my views. 

I think that Davies would be pretty good with his recent record, assuming that it is true that he would be prepared to leave Derby if they are not promoted. But is he too negative? Could they not have done better at Filbert Way at Easter if they had not been so cautious?  

So my overall choice would have to be Simon Grayson. Obviously he is a former player, has had a very good year at Blackpool, and I would have to overcome the obvious reservations about his lack of sufficient experience. He knows more about the City than any of the others and may well bring other former players onto the staff. Anyone who could involve Steve Walsh and then get even a fraction of his commitment over to the players would succeed  – Tony Asher…..

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Members Views on the Next Manager

In response to our article yesterday which detailed 16 managerial records (Mike Newell’s has been added to the original article now, to make 17), our members have been giving their views on who their preference is for the next Leicester City manager… 

I would appoint Tigana, he has a good record at a high level. Also, he believes in teams that pass the ball, unlike some of the others who like the ball up front quick and have a 'why bother with a midfield' mentality. Some candidates have a reasonable record but generally at a lower level. – John Hughes 

I would like Stuart Pearce (despite the fact he has been a Forest player!) because he's got ambition, experience, charisma, drive and enthusiasm. – Christine Smeaton 

If Leicester want to retain a tradition regarding Managers it should look for the "young and up coming" rather than the "tried and tested" approach! Worthington has had his day and Warnock et al are not exactly in the first flush of youth! So Coleman and Grayson stand out as potential candidates, with Grayson shaving it has his links with the club would give fans a belief in his commitment to the cause.David J My choices for manager would be Paul Jewel for what he achieved with Wigan or Simon Grayson because of his success at Blackpool and his connections with LCFC. – Rachael Snashall. 

My first choice would be Chris Coleman – an intelligent, articulate manager whose team at Fulham played open, attractive football and who was unluckily dismissed by an egocentric chairman jealous of the success of the neighbours (known as the Manchester City Syndrome).  His experience of this league as a player (something neither of our last two managers had) would be invaluable. 

However, should he not prove willing to venture north of London (his domestic issues have been well documented in the media), I would look to Simon Grayson who has achieved wonders on limited resources at Blackpool, and also proved himself as an advocate of the type of successful attacking football we have seen precious little of during recent seasons. – Colin Hall……

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Manager Candidates – How Good Are They?

The Foxes Trust has compiled the managerial records of 16 managers who have been linked with permanent position at Leicester City in recent weeks. As Milan Mandaric, inspired by Serbia’s win in the Eurovision Song Contest, commences this week in Bucks Fizz “Making Your Mind Up” mode, we thought reviewing their records may help fans, as there isn’t a clear favourite. 

The managerial records read:

Manager Games Won Lost Drawn % Won % Not Lost
Worthington 419 160 163 96 38.2% 61.1%
Warnock 1017 405 331 281 39.8% 67.5%
Coleman 176 61 71 44 34.7% 59.7%
Ince 35 14 13 8 40.0% 62.9%
Grayson 83 37 22 24 44.6% 73.5%
Davies 277 115 86 76 41.5% 69.0%
Dowie 235 91 81 63 38.7% 65.5%
Johnson 452 203 144 105 44.9% 68.1%
Tigana 154 69 43 42 44.8% 72.1%
Robson 423 153 159 111 36.2% 62.4%
Jewell 446 185 156 105 41.5% 65.0%
Pearce 120 41 50 29 34.2% 58.3%
Hoddle 504 192 162 150 38.1% 67.9%
Allen 179 82 50 47 45.8% 72.1%
Slade 316 121 107 88 38.3% 66.1%
Roeder 349 117 137 95 33.5% 60.7%

Newell 229 96 75 58 41.9% 67.2%


At this point we felt a comparison with the records of both Brian Little & Martin O’Neill prior to their individual appointments at LCFC Manager may set some benchmarks…..


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