FSF Awards 2017 shortlists announced

Fans can now vote across 10 categories for the 2017 FSF Awards including Player of the Year, Pundit of the Year and Best Radio show to name a few.

However the Foxes Trust Board would like to congratulate Jim Donnelly on being awarded Premier League SLO of the year, he is named alongside 6 SLO’s from Football League clubs.

If you would like to cast your vote, read through the nominations and then vote via taking this link 


Board Profile – Stuart Dawkins

Name: Stuart Dawkins.

Current home town:  Leicester.

Birthplace:  Leicester.

When did you first support LCFC? I went to my first game in the 1969/70 season – although I remember watching the 1969 FA Cup Final on TV.

When did you first join on the Trust Board? 2011.

Why did you join? I joined the Trust at the time the Club was in Administration.  I had been writing match reports for the Trust website for a couple of years before I volunteered to join the Board.  Supporters Trusts play an important role in trying to ensure that the governance of football is as good as it can be.  Professional football is an important part of life for many people, trying to ensure that it is run in a manner that reflects supporters’ needs is important.

What is your main role? I tend to look after matters where there are links with politics – for example I drafted the successful application for the King Power Stadium to be added to the Asset of Community Value register.  I also tend to be the one who sub-edits documents – so if there are any typos or grammatical errors in this piece, I will have failed!

If you were to say one thing about why you feel other supporters should join the Trust, what would it be? The current ownership of Leicester City Football Club has been positive and generally responsive to supporters’ views, but the experience at other clubs shows that is not always the case.  Having a strong, representative Trust membership helps with our interaction with the Club.  We have regular liaison with the Club at various levels, from Chief Executive downwards, and are always happy to raise and discuss issues which are important to our members.  Finally, the existence of an active Trust at the majority of clubs – including in the Premier League – helps lobbying on national issues, too.

Favourite thing about the ground: I can walk to it from home, and there are great views from everywhere in it.  The noise that can be generated is phenomenal.  I know people talk about the loudness of the home Champions League games, but I still think the roar when Ulloa scored the winner against Norwich a couple of seasons ago the loudest thing I have ever heard at a football match.

Favourite view and/or where you sit: Block J1, about half-way up.  I have been in that area since the ground opened.  I like the view from around the half-way line for home matches.

Favourite match & why:  This is really hard, as many in the Premier League-winning season stand out, as well as the Champions League games, of course.  The 5-3 game against Manchester United was special.  However, my absolute favourite was the 3-3 draw at Filbert Street against Arsenal in the 1997/98 season.  Arsenal were coasting to a 2-0 win, before three goals were scored in injury time – including Bergkamp’s goal of the season!

Favourite player of all time who played for our club:  There have been so many over the years that I am not sure I have an absolute favourite. 

Our 15/16 Season:

At what stage did you think we would win the league? When Hazard equalized for Chelsea against Spurs.  For much of that season, I thought Leicester were the best team in the league, but in the final few games prior to that match Spurs were looking the better team; I expected them to win all the games in their run-in and feared City might falter.

Where were you when the final whistle went at the Chelsea v Spurs game and how did you feel? Watching it at home on TV.  I felt stunned really … the whole season seemed so unreal.  My girlfriend and I had already shared a bottle of wine during the match.  When it finished, we opened a bottle of bubby and watched pretty much the whole match again in shock!

Where were you when we were presented with the trophy and how did you feel? In Block J1, amazed at how much heat is generated by those fire-cannon gizmos.  I felt proud of the team and what it had achieved.  I thought that whole day was well organised – walking around the ground seeing all the people from many nationalities just wanting to be there despite not having tickets, the Andrea Bocelli introduction, the fact that the biblical rainstorm did not happen whilst the fans were getting to the ground nor during the post-match celebrations.  It was a special afternoon.

How has Leicester winning the league changed the perception of the club? It has clearly lifted the profile of the club immensely.  It also lifted the profile of the City, particularly coming so soon after the Richard III discovery.

Has it made a difference to you personally? It resulted in mini-holidays to Porto, Seville and Madrid.  It significantly increased the number of away matches I attend: partly for the buzz of visiting as ‘Champions’, partly to get my Away Points topped-up for the Champions League games. 

Any other comments in relation to that incredible season? It still seems unreal.  I would love there to be European football in Leicester again soon.  The feeling in the town centre on home match days was really good.  My favourite memory, however, was of the celebration party on Victoria Park.  I have never seen (pretty much) all of Leicester gathered together in one place before: all ages, colours, creeds and nationalities each involved in a positive, uplifting experience.  It is amazing that the game of football can have such an effect


International Interest in Spurs Game

Following last season's experience, where the Foxes Trust handled over 120 media requests for interviews with journalists from France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Austria, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. alongside a number of international media companies including Reuters, CNN, Al Jazeera as well as BBC Worldwide and frequent appearances on Premier League TV which is syndicated to broadcasters covering 400 million people, the Trust has a resurgance in recent weeks as Leicester City progressed in the Champions League, while seeming to falter in the Premier League.

Last week Premier League TV followed up Claudio Ranieri's "get angry" comments by asking Trust Chairman, Ian Bason whether fans had seen Claudio's angry side, while this week L'Equipe spoke to Ian about the season so far in the run up to the Spurs game.

Reuters now preview a featured match each week by talking to fans of both clubs, this week our game is featured, with Trust Treasurer, Di Statham giving her views which can be read here http://in.reuters.com/article/soccer-england-tot-lei-fans-idINKCN12S0AR?il=0 


Relegation “Certainties” City Come Out on Top – Sound Familiar?

Hull City 2 Leicester City 1

Report by Colin Murrant

The first day of the new season is always full of hope and aspirations for supporters of all clubs, by final whistle a sense of realism has set in for many.

So Friday night I treated myself to a recording of SKY News rolling report of the celebrations at Vicky Park and let those tears flood my eyes just one more time. I went to bed with renewed anticipation.

What a way to start the new season. Going as Champions to Hull who managed to scrape through the play-offs having had a poor finish to the regular season. Furthermore, the Tigers were now manager less, had only 13 fit out-field players, no new signings, and a crowd that were baying for blood and wanting rid of their owner Assem Allam.

What happened overnight I do not know, but I woke slightly apprehensive about the fixture. It almost seemed too easy for a nailed on Leicester win but I knew nothing is certain in football, especially the Premier League.

The situation Hull were in being written off as relegation certainties was exactly what City had faced 18 months earlier. Was it going to create a siege mentality akin to that which saw our amazing relegation fight. On the journey up the negative feeling did not improve, so much so that I avoided offering my contribution to the predict the score competition: the others in the car of course offered City wins.

The City fans were in good voice as Hull kicked off and after 2 minutes the first real chance came when Demarai Gray went on a run down the left, cut inside and unleashed a shot that looped up off a defender and just cleared the crossbar. Perhaps my fears were unwarranted.

Hull then came more into the game and it was clear that Leicester were not at their best as tackles were missed and passes went astray. Danny Simpson was giving away free kicks and it seemed inevitable he would get a booking eventually but Christian Fuchs beat him to the yellow card for his first foul of the match on Robert Snodgrass who was becoming increasingly influential down the Hull right wing.

All the good chances were coming The Foxes way however and Jamie Vardy could have had a first half hat-trick but he is clearly not fully match fit or at his sharpest. The first chance he produced an air-shot following a good run and pull back from Musa. There then followed missed chances from set ups my Musa again and then Fuchs.


Oppos Viewpoint – Celtic

A bit about you:

Name: My name is Joe Di Paola I have the honour to be the Chair of the Celtic Trust

Current home town: I live in Bishopbriggs a town just to the North of Glasgow.

How long have you supported your team? I am 64 years old and have been a Celtic supporter all my life I was born a Celtic supporter !  I was fortunate to grow up into the era of the best Celtic team in our unbroken 129 year history The Lisbon Lions. The first British club to win the European Cup.

My wife Eleanor, daughter Joanna and son Martin are also diehard Celts.

Celtic is a club like no other.  We were founded in 1887 by an Irish cleric. Brother Walfrid to feed the poor of the East end of Glasgow and to provide a focus for the Irish immigrant community in Glasgow and the west of Scotland. Our Celtic Foundation today continues the work and the ethos of our founders in Its community work.

We are and always have been an inclusive club open to all. We have supporters from all over the world and welcome all to our home Celtic Park  That welcome will be extended  to you and your fellow Foxes fans on Saturday

Overview of your club:

Favourite thing about your home ground: My favourite thing about Celtic Park is the atmosphere when the ground is full particularly on nights when we have a visit from the great teams of Europe.

Favourite match played by your team & why: My favourite match of all time has to be the game against Inter Milan 25th May 1967 in Lisbon. As a fifteen year old I watched my team win the European Cup. Nothing in football will ever beat that night.

Favourite player of all time who played for your club: My favourite Celtic player of all time is difficult. From the Lisbon Lions I would pick Bobby Murdoch whom was the complete mid fielder and more recently the King of Kings the great Henrik Larsson.