View from the oppo – Everton

View from the oppo – Everton

Name: Richard Jensen

Current home town: Leicester

Birthplace: Liverpool

Fan for how long? 25 Years

Favourite thing about your home ground: When the Z Cars Theme comes on!

Favourite Game: 1995 FA Cup Final Win v Manchester United.

Favourite player: Neville Southall

Current favourite: Sigurdsson – would walk into a Premier League Best 11

Who could unlock the game: Gueye – An excellent player

Player you fear: Vardy will always cause a threat.

Score: My heart says 2-1 to us, my head says 2-1 to you!

Where will you finish: We need to be pushing for Europe … or at worst re-building towards

What about your summer transfer activity: Richarlison was by far our best buy.

Relegation prediction: Fulham, Cardiff and Newcastle

Who will win the league? Man City – again!

Any other comments: We need the win to build confidence