View from the oppo – Newcastle

View from the oppo – Newcastle

Name: Jane Castle

Current home town: Leicester

Birthplace: Newcastle

Fan for how long? 30 years

Favourite thing about your home ground: The atmosphere can be fantastic

Favourite Game: Any time we beat Sunderland!

Favourite player: Alan Shearer

Current favourite: Joselu if he can find more goals

Who could unlock the game: Jonjo Shelvey – excellent passer

Player you fear: Vardy – always a threat

Player to watch: Freddie Woodman, great young keeper

Score: I think it will be 2-1 to Newcastle

Where will you finish: Anywhere above mid table would be good!

What about your summer transfer activity: Well publicised lack of spending, but if Rondon (injured for this match) can recreate some of his West Brom form he will be a threat – presently he hasn’t made an impact though.  As for Muto – he’s barely been on the pitch!

Relegation prediction: Southampton, Cardiff and West Ham

Who will win the league? Man City but Liverpool might run them closer this year!

Any other comments: Poor start but hard teams to play and the easier ones we’ve drawn away from home. On paper we need to win this at home