The Foxes Trust Predictor League 2018-19 – Update

Due to the Foxes Trust mini-league administrator having problems accessing the talkSPORT website at the weekend, we had several participants requesting to join, or being invited to join, who could only be accepted after the first round of matches.


There may be some invitees that have not yet joined but these will be few if any. As mentioned, we will continue to accept requests from non-invitees for those joining with zero points.


Those requesting or invited are known to the Foxes Trust by user name only (not by email address) and, as such are not eligible for the Foxes Trust prize which is restricted to the 10 applicants who supplied email addresses.


In this way nobody has been accepted to the mini league who was not registered with talkSPORT before round one, and only players applying through the Trust email address are eligible for the Trust prize.


Enjoy the enlarged competition and good luck, thanks for your support.