The Foxes Trust Predictor League 2018-19 – 4 Days To Go

You Beauty, not just the stadium looking splendid, it is also the return of the Foxes Trust Premier League Prediction Game for the 2018/19 season.
This season we are using the talkSPORT Selco Predictor league as our format which is open to everyone, please note under 18s can join if they get parental consent, see their T&Cs.
This league runs the whole season from week 1 to 34 (I know 38 matches but with mid-week that’s 34 weeks). As well as the TalkSPORT prizes, the Foxes Trust will be offering a prize for the winner of The Foxes Trust Predictor League (TFTPL). The League is open to anyone with a limit of 50 persons.
You can join the TFTPL for fun but to be eligible to win the prize you must send your name, email address, and Predictor League Player name to  You must join the league with zero points to be considered for the prize.
So, get registering, thank you to those who join, good luck and enjoy the season.
TalkSPORT Predictor with Selco
Remember to press ‘Join’, If the Join button doesn’t work, reload your profile and it should resolve any issues. (if there is a problem with the original joining button there is a "chat" area in the bottom RH corner of the "Dashboard" screen once you have created your account / logged in  and they are VERY helpful in sorting the problem)
Then, once Registered –
To enter predictions
Go onto dashboard and click More against Premier League Predictor
This is also where you join the TFTPL


On the right-hand side, you will see a Mini Leagues Icon, click on it

Then either complete the Mini-League Search by entering The Foxes Trust Prediction League or Use Invitation Code and enter jledg
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