Foxes Trust World Cup 18 Predictor League Update

So we reach the end of the League based stage of the tournament, a time to draw breath, a time to prepare for the knock-out stage. The league has been exciting to the point you hope teams you really don’t like win to secure you the mammoth points on offer.
When South Korea beat Germany and you lost your bonus points on a Germany win, how could you not feel disappointed? So these irrational feelings and the extra dimension to watching the match, add to the excitement of a so far excellent World Cup in Russia.
Parasols and loungers, where most Germans will be spending the rest of the World Cup
The scoring of the FIFA Prediction game has been so complicated that there can be wild swings in points awarded with a single goal, I am sure we have all suffered the loss of a ‘Kremlin full’ of points in at least one match due to a late goal or a dodgy VAR decision.
On a personal note that has happened to me three times, the most disappointing was Spain v Portugal, with 700 points seemingly in the bag at 3-2, Ronaldo steps up for that free kick and my night is ruined.
Unfortunately, I am languishing near the bottom of the league but I still think I have every chance of winning it, after all I administer the Foxes Trust league and, with a click of a button, I can suspend people from the league, so those at the bottom ‘don’t give up’ and those at the top ….. that will not happen by the way!
So, as it stands at the moment, Morninfox leads the pack in our Premier League predictor competition having been there or thereabouts for several days now. Before the Thursday night matches Teddybear Utd headed the league having been very close last season to winning the Foxes Trust Premier League prediction league. So good luck to them both for the rest of the tournament, and good luck to you other participants.
Thanks for supporting the Foxes Trust predictor league, enjoy the rest of the World Cup and come on Vards and Harry M, come on England!
Report by Coiln Murrant