Foxes Trust World Cup Predictor Game – open to all

The Foxes Trust predictor game uses the Official FIFA predictor game, which is entirely free, gives you a genuine chance to win some great prizes, in addition the Foxes Trust will be offering a prize to the winner*of our own Private League.

In order to participate you will first need to register on the FIFA predictor website,

Once registered use code 0084593f in the join league section, you will automatically be linked to the ‘Foxes Trust WC18’ League.


*All the Foxes Trust will see is your Username, if you want to have a chance to win the Foxes Trust prize then you must send us your email details and user name prior to the first match.


The Winner will be the highest placed person who has provided these details. The Foxes Trust will not keep your details on record beyond the tournament unless you express your preference to do so. Send details to


Good luck and thank you for joining