Filbert Street Site

Foxes Trust Chairman, Ian Bason, appeared on the Radio Leicester breakfast show this morning to discuss the current state of the former home of our club at Filbert Street

Ian was interviewed alongside a local resident who expressed her concern about the ongoing eyesore that residents experienced, the full interview can be heard here

At the end of the interview, Radio Leicester’s Helen McCarthy read a statement from the developers who promised to clear up the site this week.

The Foxes Trust has been maintaining periodic dialogue with the developers, since former board member Steve Smith built the relationship with both the developer and the council to enable the only new road created on the site to be named Lineker Road, following an appeal for suggestions from fans and then creating an approved shortlist with the council, which was then voted on by fans using several outlets, with the greatest number of votes collected via the Leicester Mercury.

During those early discussions Steve also gained agreement with the developers that the second phase of the development would include physical recognition that the site was the former spiritual home of our club, the initial thinking being that a Fox design would be incorporated into some planned metal railings.

The second phase of the development has still to materialise, however Trust vice-chairman, Matt Davis has maintained contact with the developers and an agreement is in place that when the construction does proceed, that some physical recognition of the site would be included, with details to be finalised depending on the format of the development.

It is also agreed with the developers and the council that any further road(s) that are included in the future phase will be named following further fan consultation controlled by the Foxes Trust.

As part of the heritage work of the Foxes Trust, the Trust monitors current, future and former sites of the club. The Trust holds an Asset of Community Value (ACV) for the current King Power Stadium and promotes the importance of an expanded Memorial Garden and the creation of a physical museum in any future enhancement of the site.

Having discussed the plans for the new training ground with the club, the Trust fully backs the move to the new site