Foxes Trust Board Profile – Steve Moulds

A bit about you:

Name: Stephen (Steve) Moulds

Current home town: Earlsfield, London

Birthplace: Leicester (East Bond St Maternity Hospital – now reduced to a blue plaque)

When did you first support LCFC? My earliest memories are of watching the 69 FA Cup final with my family. My first games were in the 70s. I remember a mid-week evening league match against Derby. A 1-1 draw and City, as I recall, conceded a goal as a result of keeping error. Wallington misjudged a ball and it bounced over his head into the net.

When did you first join on the Trust Board? January 2018 after serving just over a year as London Rep.

Why did you join? I joined the Trust from the outset as I thought it was one way we might be able to save the Club from going under. After several years of passive membership, following an appeal from the Board for help with attendance at the meetings of various national bodies (all based in London), I decided to volunteer.

What is your main role? Representing the Trust at national meetings with FSF, Supporters Direct and the Premier League. Reporting to and providing feedback on current national issues facing football and premier league clubs and, in return, representing the views of Trust members and the Board at these meetings.

If you were to say one thing about why you feel other supporters should join the Trust, what would it be? Football clubs have great significance to local communities and are a key part of many people’s lives. If you want supporters’ views to be listened to and taken seriously by your club, then join a Trust – they are recognised and listened to by clubs and the more members we have, the greater the voice.

Overview of LCFC: Exciting times. After many years of being a ‘yoyo’ club, moving in and out of the top division, I believe the current owners and senior management have serious ambition that will turn us into a regular top 5 or 6 side.

Favourite thing about the ground: Not a bad view anywhere and a great atmosphere (most of the time). I am also pleased that it remains a city centre ground.

Favourite view and/or where you sit: Being a Foxile, these days, anywhere I can get a ticket. I used to have a season ticket in the East Stand.

Favourite match & why: The million dollar question! It is always difficult to single-out one match. Maybe City v Arsenal in 97/98 – Bergkamp may have scored goal of the season but Foxes never quit – best 3-3 draw I can recall. In the year we won the league, winning by a country mile at Man City – the absolute proof that, in football, money does not guarantee success.

Favourite player of all time who played for our club: Wow! Too many to choose from given over 40 years as a supporter. I always loved the time when Frank Worthington played for us and England. Long after he had departed City and was player-manager at Tranmere, I remember a TV interview in which he said, the team were not the greatest footballers, but they all could trap the ball on the back of their necks. Sometimes, I lament the loss of such characters to the game.

Our 15/16 Season:

At what stage did you think we would win the league? Did we win the league – that wasn’t a dream then!! Seriously, when Eden Hazard equalised for Chelsea against Tottenham.

Where were you when the final whistle went at the Chelsea v Spurs game and how did you feel? I was at home. When Spurs went 2-0 up, I kind of gave up watching. After the result, I couldn’t sit, I was pacing around and getting texts and calls from mates who were on their way to the KP to celebrate – wish I had been able to get there.

Has it made a difference to you personally? City winning the Premier League has restored a bit of my faith in football that I had lost, especially at the top level.

Any other comments in relation to that incredible season? The way it appeared to galvanise the whole city – it proved to me how important football clubs can be in promoting a positive image of their locality and people. I hope, in seasons to come, we don’t forget that euphoria and unity.