Foxes Trust Board Profile – Matt Davis

A bit about you:

Name: Matt Davis

Current home town: Leicester

Birthplace: Leicester

When did you first support LCFC? 28 April 1978 Leicester City 3 Newcastle 0 – but both teams were already relegated.

When did you first join on the Trust Board? Since I was first co-opted on 14/03/2006

Why did you join? I joined the Trust initially to help save the club …. I came up with a few ideas at an AGM and they were liked and so I was asked to join the Board – the rest is history!

What is your main role? Vice Chair & Press Officer

If you were to say one thing about why you feel other supporters should join the Trust, what would it be? It has changed through the years e.g. initially it was to help save the club …. but now it is a collaborative voice in a world where the riches of the Premier League itself and then the TV Companies mean the fans are rarely even considered.

Our Trust along with other Trusts from other clubs are constantly working together through the Umbrella organisations of Supports Direct and the Football Supporters Federation on key issues of common concern such as kick off times and dates, away ticket pricing etc.

Overview of LCFC:

Favourite thing about the ground: Not a lot really, I preferred Filbert Street for atmosphere – but a view of the pitch that isn’t obstructed by pillars and fairly decent leg room are two obvious bonuses!

Favourite view and/or where you sit: The view from the centre line exec box is good I’m sure (!), but you can’t beat the atmosphere from L1 and the Kop when on form it’s great …. but personally I am more than happy with the view from the family stand as are my two children!!!

Favourite match & why: It isn’t a Leicester Match – it was when Chelsea beat Spurs to give us the title – purely because it was something I never even dreamt of happening in my lifetime!

Favourite player of all time who played for our club: Gary Lineker mainly because of the way he has never hid his first love for the club.

Our 15/16 Season:

At what stage did you think we would win the league?

Only when it actually happened – because me saying or thinking anything else would be ‘the kiss of death’ knowing the way my predictions go!

Where were you when the final whistle went at the Chelsea v Spurs game and how did you feel?

Watching it at a friend’s house (thanks Sonia & John!) – both my wife and I did the obvious thing at the final whistle … along with several thousand others – we got in the car and partied into the night at the stadium!

Where were you when we were presented with the trophy and how did you feel? In the family stand.  I remember singing like never before in the concourses and in the stands – an atmosphere that I never thought I would witness … and with Bocelli singing it was even more surreal.

How has Leicester winning the league changed the perception of the club? Everywhere you go (Spurs fans being an exception) people want to talk to you about it and say how brilliant it was for us and for football as a whole. 

Just as one global example though, I did three interviews for CNN that went out to 200 million households in 190 countries …. our beautiful City was well and truly on the map!!! (and of course the viewers soon learnt it was pronounced Leicester not Lie-Chester!)

Has it made a difference to you personally? Yes, it has made me even more immensely proud of my club than I thought possible.

Any other comments in relation to that incredible season? The party in the park to celebrate will be in my memory for the rest of my life – it was so brilliant!