Board Profile – Sarah Hubbard

A bit about you:

Name: Sarah Hubbard

Current home town: Leicester

Birth place: Leicester

When did you first support LCFC: I went to my first match in 1970 after losing the "69" cup final and receiving a "city" scarf as a Christmas present

When did you first join the Trust Board: I joined the Trust board in May 2016 as a co-opted member as I felt it was important to have the view of more than 1 female.

If you were to say one thing about why you feel other supporters should join the Trust:  As a passionate, like minded group of supporters, we the Trust have the opportunity to meet face to face with Susan Whelan to express any concerns we have about the club, and make suggestions for improvement.


Overview of LCFC

Favourite thing about the ground: Hearing The Post Horn Gallop being played as it is a sign the match will soon be underway.

Favourite view and/or where do you sit: East stand block J.on the halfway line opposite the tunnel

Favourite match & why: i don't have a 1 favourite match…several were memorable for various reasons!

Favourite player of all time who played for our club: Am I allowed 2? Gary Lineker and Muzzy Izzett


Our 15/16 Season

At what stage did you think we would win the league: Probably with about 6 games to go. 

Where were you when the  final whistle went at the Chelsea v Spurs game and how did you feel: In a pub in town. I felt lost for words and privileged to be a LEICESTER CITY fan.

Where were you when we were presented with the trophy and how did you feel: At the ground in my usual seat. I felt in a dream…I never thought I would see "MY" team win the premier league.

How has Leicester winning the league changed the perception of the club: I'm not sure if people think we are no longer a small club, but it has made other smaller clubs believe that they too COULD win the title. 

Has it made a difference to you personally: I had the privilege of meeting Riyad Mahrez when he brought the trophy to a school I work in. It is a day I will NEVER forget.

Any other comments in relation to that incredible season: It more than made up for all the years of disappointment and heartache of being a LEICESTER CITY FAN.